Front-End Development & Consulting

Front-End Development & Consulting

Front-End Development & Consulting

Get a website or an app that users will love. We build front-end software with intuitive navigation, engaging user interfaces, and full accessibility.

What Makes Us Experts In Front-End Web Development


Years Of Front-End Experience


Clients Worldwide


Qualified Employees

Front-End Services That We Offer

Custom Web App

We make frontend web apps using Angular and React. This makes the development fast and cost-efficient. Our websites are:

High Performance

Users won’t have to wait for the website to load.


We build services that are easy to navigate and look good.


People with disabilities can use the services that we build.

Our Signature Projects

Remote Patient Management System

Remote Patient Management System

Remote Patient Management System

An RPM system to provide medical patients with 24/7 care.

We built front end for both web and mobile applications. Our interfaces are easy to navigate according to HIPAA. We made sure that everyone can access the system, regarding of health conditions.

Front-end technologies used:

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Electronic Health Record System

Electronic Health Record System

Electronic Health Record System

An EHR platform to manage health records.

We build a mobile app, web portal, and internal chat. All accessible according to HIPAA.

Patients and medical professionals can have a quick but full view of health data. To achieve this we designed simple and clear navigation.

Front-end technologies used:

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Custom Mobile Apps

We develop mobile apps. As with web apps, we make sure our products are:


Apps use the minimum resources of your phone.

Well Designed

Our designers make apps that look and feel good.

Easy To Use

We make layouts and navigation, so that your app feels seamless to use.

UX/UI Design

We have a team of UX/UI designers. They will make:

Intuitive Interfaces

A well-designed app is a pleasure to use.

Sleek Graphics

Users will want to buy a product that looks great, our designers take care of that.

Competitor Analysis

To keep you ahead of the curve, the designers will research your competitors.

Examples Of Our Work

Web Platform For K-12 Schools

Web Platform For K-12 Schools

Web Platform For K-12 Schools

We designed and built a web platform for 10,000,000 students in the US. Students can study learning materials from a single system. The platform also has a custom content builder.

Front-end technologies used:

  • React
  • Redux JS
  • Ant Design
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Ticket Booking App For Cinemas & Theaters

Ticket Booking App For Cinemas & Theaters

Ticket Booking App For Cinemas & Theaters

We designed and built an app that lets customers book tickets at 1200 cinemas. We built both frontend and backend.

It works fast, it’s easy to navigate, and looks beautiful.

The front-end developers built the navigation and added all the visual elements, like buttons and drop down menus. 

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Get Your Custom Front-End Solution

Front-End Technologies You Get With Aristek


React is an open-source JavaScript library by Meta. Build beautiful user interfaces with powerful components.

Build Faster, Save Budget

React has built-in tools that automate some of the developer’s work. React is perfect for a startup to build an MVP, because it cuts costs while still building powerful custom software.

Scale When You Need To.

React has powerful component libraries, like Chakra, MUI, or Ant Design. You can add new components as your project grows.

Impressive UI

Focus on fast and efficient UI. React uses a virtual DOM to optimize updates to the UI. Your application will load faster.


Angular is an open-source TypeScript framework by Google. Build dynamic, single-page web applications that scale.


Build applications efficiently. Angular makes tools that make it easier to build applications.

Start Big

Angular uses a template-based syntax, which makes it easier to build complex applications.

Easy To Maintain

Angular has a powerful dependency injection system. This helps developers maintain and update large applications. On top of that, a large application will have fewer bugs.

More About Technologies

We build frontend solutions using modern technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


The basic technology that most websites use. It provides the basic structure of your website. HTML makes it possible to add paragraphs, headings, lists, images, tables, links, and other structural elements.


While HTML gives structure to a website, CSS is the language that adds styles. It makes modern websites look the way they are today. Fonts, colors, and background images – are all made with CSS. Without CSS a website would look more like a text document than a modern site.


The programming language that makes websites dynamic. With JS you can press buttons, input info into a web form, view animations, and do any other dynamic actions. JavaScript is more complicated than HTML and CSS. That’s why most websites are built with frameworks and libraries that make development faster and more efficient. We use the two most popular JS frameworks: Angular and React.

Talk To Our Front-End Development Expert

Talk To Our Front-End Development Expert

Why Choose Aristek As Your Front-End Development Company

22 Years Of Front-End Experience

250+ clients around the globe trust us as their software vendor.

Top Front-End Developers

88% of our developers are Middle and Senior. We hire top talent who knows how to build great front-end for you.

Modern Methodology

We build software optimized for.

High Quality

To build quality products, we follow international standards for management, coding, and QA.


We build secure software that complies with international standards.


We want to build products that are accessible to everyone. That’s why we follow WCAG 2, international guidelines for web accessibility.


How long does it take to make front-end services?

It depends on your project. A single-page application with a basic layout will be faster to develop than a complex application with multiple pages. On average, we do it in a month, but a complex front end service may take 2-3 months.

To work faster, we have a team of experienced developers, 88% of them are Middle and Senior.

On top of that, we use technologies like React and Angular to speed up our work.

What about application security?

When we work on front end development, we follow international data security standards to prevent possible breaches. On top of that, our QA engineers test software security to avoid breaches.

Should I use Angular or React?

It depends on your goals. Generally speaking, smaller projects are better off with React, while larger projects work best with Angular.

But this can vary. Reach out to our front-end development experts to get a free consultation. They will look at your requirements and match you with the right technology.

How quickly can we start the project?

Right away, mostly.

We usually keep some front end dev engineers available to kickstart your project. In some cases, it may take 1-2 weeks after you first contact us.

How much do front end solutions cost?

This depends on your project, mostly. Front end web development is generally cheaper that front end app development. Still, we calculate the price based on how many hours does it take to finish a project.

Most of our developers are located in a tech hub in Europe. The abundance of tech talent, great IT infrastructure, and friendly business environment let us cut costs for our clients.

If you are in need of a cost efficient front end development company, get in touch.

How to choose a frontend development agency?

Think about your business needs and make a list of front end development companies. Compare their expertise and prices. Try to validate their claims and check the company’s reputation.

See if they are interested in your end business goals. The more questions they ask, the better.

Being a front end development agency ourselves, we are a bit biased here. Still, we are an ISO certified company. We’ve had 250+ projects and we still support many of them. Feel free to check our reviews to learn more about us.

Do you sign NDA?

Absolutely. As a reliable provider of front end development services, we sign an NDA to protect your privacy.

Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

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