Streamline Your Online Training With Customized LMS Solutions

Streamline Your Online Training With Customized LMS Solutions

Published: February 28, 2023Updated: March 31, 2023
Streamline Your Online Training With Customized LMS Solutions

Looking for a custom LMS development company? For 10 years we’ve been building Learning Management Systems that help learners grow. Get your own eLearning platform to succeed in the modern world.

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LMS Services That We Offer

Development From Scratch

Development From Scratch

Build your own LMS for schools or businesses:

  • Create any custom features. Adapt to your business and industry goals;
  • Save money on license fees. Own and control your LMS;
  • Secure user privacy. Store data on private servers or in the cloud;
  • Integrate with your ecosystem. Unlike boxed solutions, a custom LMS can be integrated with all software.
Ready-Made LMS

Ready-Made LMS

Buy a customizable boxed platform:

  • Tailored to Content & Curriculum Providers and Publishers in K-12;
  • Start with minimum initial investments;
  • Compatible with all national PII requirements: FERPA, CIPA, and COPPA;
  • Integrate with your software ecosystem.

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Upgrade & Customize Existing LMS

Upgrade & Customize Existing LMS

Already have a custom LMS? Take it to the next level:

  • Get new features;
  • Upgrade to accessible & modern design;
  • Get a mobile LMS;
  • Move to cloud or to private servers;
  • Integrate with other software.
Add Features To A Boxed LMS

Add Features To A Boxed LMS

Already have a boxed LMS? We can add custom features to it:

  • Get new features & modules;
  • Integrate with your software ecosystem: CRM, SIS, etc.;
  • Get tech support and maintenance. Help your non-tech staff and students onboard and get around your LMS;
  • Apply custom design to highlight your brand.

Need A Modern LMS? Get In Touch To Calculate LMS Costs

Need A Modern LMS? Get In Touch To Calculate LMS Costs

Need A Modern LMS? Get In Touch To Calculate LMS Costs

Build A Custom LMS To Satisfy Your Business Goals

  • Education

    Need an educational LMS?

    • Engage and assess students of all ages;
    • Comply with federal and state standards: OneRoster, LTI, and others;
    • Meet grade levels requirements.
  • Corporate

    Want to make staff training cheaper and increase productivity?

    • Onboard new employees;
    • Teach new skills;
    • Educate your staff about company policies.

Education Companies We Help

K-12 Content Providers & Publishers

Sell your course curriculum to schools and parents. Host your content on a modern LMS.

eLearning Businesses

Build your educational business with your own eLearing platform.

K-12 Schools, Higher Ed & Homeschooling

Teach students with software that complies with national standards

Corporate Use

HR & Employee Education

Onboard and train your employees. Instruct about company policies & regulations.


Deliver customized training with CRM and LMS integration.

Customer & Partner Training

Save money on customer support. Spread your brand voice to partners and improve customer experience.

Our Signature Cases

Award-Winning eLearning Platform For K-12

Award-Winning eLearning Platform For K-12

Award-Winning eLearning Platform For K-12

Development from scratch of K-12 eLearning platform to smoothly manage the academic operations.

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bSchools — Business Software for School Districts

bSchools — Business Software for School Districts

bSchools — Business Software for School Districts

bSchools Information System is designed for a complex automation of educational and business processes in schools. Moreover the system provides information exchange between schools and governmental organizations that control educational processes and programs.

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STEM Certification Platform For A US eLearning Giant

STEM Certification Platform For A US eLearning Giant

STEM Certification Platform For A US eLearning Giant

Our platform helps teachers get STEM certifications.

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How Can We Help Your Company


We’ll help you take off successfully:

  • Build a working MVP;
  • Design the perfect solution to your business idea;
  • Do industry & competitor analysis;
  • Organize your business processes;
  • CEO, CTO, CFO as a service.

SMB & Enterprise

We’ll help your company grow:

  • Enhance your IT team with expert developers;
  • Implement new features into your product;
  • Upgrade your IT infrastructure;
  • Help you enter a new market;
  • Comply with national and industry standards.


Sit back and relax. We’ll do all the work:

  • Build a full featured product;
  • Customize & add new features;
  • Keep your product updated;
  • Provide 24/7 customer support.

Revolutionize Your Online Learning Experience With Our Custom LMS

Core LMS Features That We Offer

We build custom LMSs with any features that you might need. Including, but not limited to:

Content Creation & Management

Captivate learners with detailed 3D models, illustrations, and videos.


Keep PII secure with Single Sign-On, OAuth 2.0, and modern security standards.

User Management

Track the learning progress of your employees and students.

Course Creation & Management

Align your curriculum with grade level standards. Get your course structure designed for best student understanding.


Keep your learners engaged with Games, AR, and VR tools.

Reporting & Tracking System

Track learner’s actions and progress. Our detailed reports help you understand how efficient your courses are.

Learning Assessment & Feedback

Check your learners with tests, quizzes, essays, etc.

Social & Collaboration Tools

Let students collaborate via chats, forums, and social media integration.


Create and manage certificates for earners, students, and teachers.

Employee Onboarding

Train new employees with a corporate LMS. Record and show lectures, documents, and presentations.

Services That We Offer For Your LMS

Integration With Corporate Software

We’ll ensure that your LMS will fit in with your ecosystem: CRM, HR, SIS, etc. All platforms can work together smoothly.

Mobile Development

With a mobile app, your learners can always access your courses. Microlearning makes learning convenient.

24/ 7 Support & Maintenance

Let us take care of tech support inquiries and system updates. We’ll make sure that learners can always access your platform.

Cloud Computing

Secure your data with scalable cloud infrastructure: AWS, Azure.

UX/ UI Design

We design intuitive and beautiful interfaces. Learners of all ages, non-technical users, and learners with disabilities will enjoy using the platform.


Are boxed LMS better than custom learning systems?

Both have their pros and cons. Boxed LMS are cheaper short-term and generally offer flexible design features. Meanwhile, custom LMS are more expensive to build, but they’ll save you money on the license fees. Also this way you’ll get a platform with all the features and integrations that you need.

Read more in our blog.

Can I make changes to my application after it launches?

Yes, because we build scalable applications. You can add new features as you grow.

What’s more, we can add new features into your platform even if it’s built by another LMS developer.

How much do Learning Management Systems cost?

The pay will depend on how many hours it takes for our developers to build the LMS. Our experts can give a free estimate.

If you’d like to get the cheapest start possible, consider our boxed LMS. Reach out to get a free demo.

How long does it take to build an LMS?

This depends on how many features your learning management system will have. It can take from 6 months to a year or more. To give you a better idea, let’s discuss your project.

Do you sign an NDA?

Sure. As a reliable LMS company, we sign an NDA to protect your privacy.

How to choose an LMS company?

First, figure out if you need a custom or a boxed LMS. Read here for more details.

Second, think about your needs and make a list of LMS companies. Compare their expertise and prices. Try to validate their claims and check the company’s reputation.

See if they are interested in your end goals. The more questions they ask, the better.

Being an LMS developer ourselves, we are a bit biased here. Still, we are an ISO certified company. We’ve built both custom LMS and released our own educational software that we still support.

In what industries are LMS used?

Naturally, in education LMS is vital. But it also can benefit any company in need of training their employees. In industries like HR, eCommerce, healthcare LMS can increase productivity.

Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

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