.NET Development & Consulting

.NET Development & Consulting

Published: November 05, 2021Updated: March 29, 2023
.NET Development & Consulting

For over 7 years Aristek Systems has been building reliable business applications using the .Net Framework, .Net Core and its ecosystem. Our service is top-notch and our developers are highly qualified, which means you will want to stay with us for a long time.

Why Aristek Systems


Years Of .NET Experience


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Middle & Senior .NET Engineers


Long-Term Projects


Industries Covered

Custom .NET Development

This is how we can help your business regarding .NET development:

Custom Applications

Desktop and web-based business software created with the help of the .NET framework. ERPs, CRMs, HRMs, and any other systems your company might require to run as efficiently as possible.

Staff Augmentation

Experienced outsourced engineers to help you with additional workload or to scale your company’s product. Whether you are an early-stage startup or an established business, we can help.


Using our expertise to help you plan the architecture of your software, production strategy, and other aspects of .NET development.


Within .Net we provide full deployment cycle from testing to production machines using popular services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud.

.NET Migrations

  • .Net Framework -> .Net Core
  • WebForms -> MVC
  • VB -> C#
  • API Development & Integration

    We build, test and integrate APIs for seamless communication between applications. For that we use technologies like ASP.NET, Postman and MSSQL Management Studio, C#, F#, .Net Core, Azure and others.

    Our Selected .NET Project

    Remedicine — Remote Patient Management System (RPM)

    Remedicine — Remote Patient Management System (RPM)

    Remedicine — Remote Patient Management System (RPM)

    In the current world situation, the telemedicine becomes incredibly useful and popular. It’s increasingly becoming a tool for convenient medical care that can be fulfilled remotely. The fact of receiving emergency help/consultation immediately and with 24/7 access without wasting time in the waiting rooms now is the key benefit in the medicine area which telemedicine faces.

    Explore Project

    Get Your Custom .NET Software Solution

    Domains Where We Use .NET Development Most Often


    .NET is a great fit for such a security-conscious and demanding domain. EHR/ EMR systems built with this framework will be reliable and fast.


    Our .NET team will help your company control your fleet, increase fuel efficiency, reduce idle time, and optimize the load of each vehicle.


    Our experience with educational software (bespoke LMSes, School Management Systems, etc.) will help us deliver your eLearning .NET‑based software faster.


    .NET is a good foundation for online marketplaces, digital auctions, and other similar products. Our experience will make sure buying from you will be quick and easy.

    Advantages Of .NET Development With Aristek

    This is why we are superior to our competitors.


    We want to build long-term relationships. This is why we work hard to get into the nitty-gritty of your business and suggest solutions that would work the best in your case.

    Industry Expertise

    Our .NET team has done a lot of work for eLearning, Healthcare, Oil&Gas, eCommerce and Logistics. This means we can anticipate potential bottlenecks before they appear and use your budget more efficiently.

    Experienced Developers

    90% of our .NET developers have at least 4 years of experience working with business software. They won’t make rookie mistakes and will use their knowledge to speed up the development process.

    Talk to Our .NET Software Expert

    Talk to Our .NET Software Expert

    Talk to Our .NET Software Expert

    Our Engagement Models

    We have three key modes of engaging with our clients on .NET development:

    Time & Material

    If you have a fresh project concept or you’re not sure about your market, go with Time and Materials. Mid-size and large projects have lots of details, so the projects are hard to set in stone. In such cases, T&M will save your money.

    Fixed Price

    Go with Fixed Price when you’re have a small project on your mind. If you know exactly what you need, we can plan the budget and deliver the project on time.

    Dedicated Development Team

    Hire developers if you want to expand your IT team. Most of our developers have 2+ years of experience and specific industry knowledge. Read more about staff augmentation.


    How expensive is .NET development outsourcing?

    Offshore .NET development services are cheaper than inhouse developers.

    We are based in Lithuania. The World Bank ranked our country #11 in ease of doing business.

    Business friendly environment coupled with the lower cost of living can save you up to 50% compared to hiring .NET developers in the US or Western Europe.

    In which industries is .NET used?

    You can use .NET to make apps for any industry. As a .NET development company, we have the most experience in eLearning, Logistics, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, and eCommerce.

    Can I hire a dedicated .NET team?

    Sure. You can hire dedicated teams, individual developers, or have us built your project.

    You can read more about our partnership options.

    What is the difference between .NET and .NET Framework?

    .NET Framework is a set of tools that helps developers build applications that run on Windows.

    Meanwhile, .NET is the successor of .NET Framework. The main difference is that it’s cross platform.

    Our .NET development services include: web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, learning games, and other types of software.

    Where is .NET used?

    .NET is perfect for complex enterprise-projects. These include Inventory Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

    A NET development company will also build web and mobile applications, Windows desktop apps, and for cloud development.

    Is .NET cross platform?

    Yes, you can use .NET to build software for Windows, Linux, macOS.

    What’s more, the newer version of .NET called .NET MAUI also supports mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

    Reach out to discuss .NET software development services.

    Which one is better: .NET or Java?

    Java and .NET are similar in terms of speed and memory. Both have large developer communities and robust sets of libraries and frameworks.

    The choice between the two will depend on your project, and the preferences of the development team. Get in touch to discuss the programming languages with our expert.

    Do you sign an NDA?

    Sure. As a trusted .NET software development company, we sign an NDA to protect your privacy.

    Do you have more questions?

    Do you have more questions?

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