Featured Projects

Business Software for School Districts

Education SIS

bSchools Information System is designed for a complex automation of educational and business processes in schools. Moreover the system provides information exchange between schools and governmental organizations that control educational processes and programs.

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Online Brokerage Fee Management System for the Sale of Land Agency

Real Estate CRM

Enterprise web system for task assignment, recording of transactions made by land agents and operational efficiency analysis.

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Mobile application for theaters and cinemas tickets booking

Entertainment Mobile App

E‑time (entertainment time) — is a cross-platform application which enables you to check the schedule of more than 1,200 theaters and cinemas in one place and buy tickets safely inside the app. E‑time — your entertainment at the right time!

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ERP for Oil Transportation Company

Oil & Gas ERP

Aristek has developed a system that manages almost everything, from storing petroleum products and transporting them to accounting and client relations management.

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Custom Electronic Health Record Platform


Reliable scalable Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform for patients, doctors and healthcare providers. Safe place for health information exchange with quick access to essential patient’s information.

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Gas Transportation Management System

Oil & Gas

Gas transportation management software provides online monitoring & controlling of gas transportation streams as well as contracts management.

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Mobile Application for Health Tracking

Healthcare Mobile App

Health is a cross-platform mobile application designed to collect and store the data on men’s and women’s urine flow to make urine health tracking easier. With Health there is no need for weekly hospital visits, your physician is already aboard tracking data with you and providing consultancy via doctor-patient private chat.

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Online Platform for Sports Workouts Management

Fitness Wellbeing

A centralized platform for sports coaches and their clients with the opportunity to build, manage and analyze workouts. Coaches are able to build charged or free and searchable or non-searchable training programs.

Project Details

Online Shop for Cars Diagnostic Equipment


Multifunctional multilingual online store for diagnostics equipment of cars electronic systems.

Project Details

Survey Management System

Online Forms Tool

The online service offers a tool for creating forms and their timely completion control. The system contains the set of categorized templates of forms and automatically creates the new forms and sends the notifications of the necessity to complete the form.

Project Details

Custom Electronic Medical Record Platform


Comprehensive EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system for private group of clinics from the USA, specializing in mental health. Easy and quick management of patient mental information and accompanying billing documents. System integrations with insurance companies and clearinghouses.

Project Details

Custom e-Learning Web Platform

Education Mobile App

Our customer wanted us to create an educational platform which would stay the connector of teachers and students, a progress tracking tool and the educational source to a large number of schools.

Project Details

ERP for a Logistics Company

ERP Mobile App

Aristek developed a comprehensive ERP that automated all the business processes, improved employee productivity by 23% and decreased fuel expenditure by 31%.

Project Details

AR/VR-enabled eLearning Platform

eLearning AR/VR

Aristek introduced augmented and virtual reality to a platform used by millions of students and teachers.

Project Details

eCommerce Website Builder


Aristek helped develop an all-in-one solution for independent artists, designers, and other creators. The feature set gives the system a serious shot to challenge Shopify and BigCommerce in the art domain.

Project Details

Remote Patient Management System (RPM)

Healthcare Telemedicine Web Platform Mobile App

In the current world situation, the telemedicine becomes incredibly useful and popular. It’s increasingly becoming a tool for convenient medical care that can be fulfilled remotely. The fact of receiving emergency help/consultation immediately and with 24/7 access without wasting time in the waiting rooms now is the key benefit in the medicine area which telemedicine faces.

Project Details

Staff Augmentation for an eLearning Company

Staff Augmentation eLearning

Aristek quickly put together a dedicated team and increased the customer’s development velocity by 20%.

Project Details

Competitive Mathematical Games

eLearning Games

Aristek developed learning games that increased student engagement and simplify learning material assimilation by up to 30%.

Project Details

3D Scenes “Galaxies”

eLearning 3D Modeling

Aristek developed interactive 3D scenes that increase student engagement with the ratio of 20‑30% as compared to the traditional approach.

Project Details

ERP for a Car Shipping Company

ERP eCommerce

A comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that dramatically increased efficiency of a well-known US-based vehicle transportation company.

Project Details

3D Scenes “Volcano”

eLearning 3D Modelling

Compared to traditional approaches, Aristek has developed an interactive tool for generating 3D scenes. This tool can provide 20‑30% superior student engagement scores.

Project Details

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