There was a group of businessmen from the United States who work in the healthcare industry, they were looking to develop an Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform that would be a safe space where patients, their doctors, and health professionals could be connected in multiple ways and exchange health information. This platform would also help doctors remotely monitor their patients’ health and automate their processes significantly.

Project Scale

Duration: 12+ months

Tools & Technologies

Project Needs

From the Customer’s perspective the solution should solve 2 main customer’s problems:

  1. to reduce time spent on CCM patients enrolment and CCM care plan creation via user-friendly and intuitive interface;
  2. to reduce doctors’ workload that will allow them to devote more attention to their patients and take the right decisions for patients’ treatment.

The platform is needed to:

  • help providers staff to keep track of their patients;
  • help US hospitals better manage patients with chronic conditions;
  • help patients to monitor their health in real-time mode;
  • and be a reliable EHR platform whose architecture will be scalable in the future.

EHR Platform Hybrid Web and Mobile Dataflow

Scheme of EHR Platform - Hybrid Web and Mobile Dataflow

EHR Platform Core Features

Based on the requirements, we decided to develop the application as a combination of several components, here you can see some core features we focused on:

  • Patient Portal (*)
  • Provider Portal (*)
  • Admin Panel (**)
  • Chat App
  • Notification Service
  • Mobile Application

(*) — According to the HIPAA, portals should enable authorized users to access the minimum necessary information needed to perform job functions. It means that different user roles have access to different sets of functions.

(**) — Admin Panel is a part of Provider Portal to which only allowed users roles has access.

The most essential part of the EHR platform is Patient Information like Demographics, Contacts, Insurance information, and Patient CCM Summary. Healthcare professionals (Physicians, Nurses, Lab Technicians, etc.) should have a quick and full view of essential patient’s information.

E-prescribing is also an essential part of the EHR system. The allowed user has quick access to the medications list from third-party services with the ability to prescribe medications, order and reorder medications.

For the Patient Portal, the main features are monitoring personal health information and messaging with the Provider’s Staff. Chat is the primary method of communication. EHR platform has several types of chats:

  • between Patient and Provider
  • between Patient, his/her relatives, and Provider
  • between Provider’s Staff

Patient Information at Provider Portal

Custom EHR System - Add Medication Screen Custom EHR System - Problems List Screen Custom EHR System - Add Problem Screen
Custom EHR System - Add Medication Screen
Custom EHR System - Problems List Screen
Custom EHR System - Add Problem Screen

The Team

Our team structure
for EHR System development

  • Business Analyst
  • UX/UI Designer
  • DevOps
  • Back-end Engineers
  • Front-end Engineers
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager

The Process

Our business analysts worked closely with our clients to elicit requirements and ensure that we had a common understanding of their business needs and expectations. Also, UX/UI specialists joined this Discovery Phase and worked out a number of mockups for further implementation.

As a result, our discovery team produced a set of documents:

  • Vision & Scope
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • Mockups
  • Statement of Work

Further, all our work was divided into 2-weeks sprints. After each sprint, our Project Manager organized a demo session, where the team could show the results of their work. This approach allowed the client to see the progress, to be transparent and achieve the goals our Client set.


All the list of features for the MVP Version was realized successfully and we continued supporting this EHR. Moreover, after the MVP and Go Live we received feedback from users and planned:

  • some corrections in existing features
  • prioritized our backlog for further stages, adding the most important features into the primary list and approving with the Client
  • worked further on iterations 2 and 3 and continue supporting this system

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