Who We Are

Aristek Systems is a software development company situated in Minsk, Belarus. We have over 19 years of experience and have maintained productive long-term relationships with companies from the USA, Western and Eastern Europe over the years due to our hard work and efficient service delivery.

Our primary aim and objectives are to ultimately carry out our projects to our clients’ satisfaction and requirement. We focus more of our attention on the quality and reliability of our services. We have quality experience in creating designs and complex systems, which allows us to produce top-notch custom solutions in a different range of business sectors.

We prioritize services that save our customers’ time and money and also provide them with stable and secure software the most.

Benefits of Choosing our IT Company

  • We build a team of professionals.
  • We have great flexibility in meeting customers’ requirements.
  • We are well equipped with mastery in system design and creation of custom solutions.
  • We also set our sights on long-term relationships with our customers to keep meeting their demands efficiently.

Advanced knowledge of PHP Frameworks, Ruby On Rails, ORACLE solutions, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, HTML & JavaScript ensures a high degree of product quality.

Why Aristek Systems

What You Get When Partnering With Our Outsourcing Software Development Company


Aristek Systems strives for excellence when providing software development outsourcing solutions to its customers. Our experts partner with your company on every stage of the project to ensure high quality across all operations and offer services in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards. Leverage our expertise to get high-end solutions aligning with your business goals.


We build strong communication between the team and the client to make sure nothing is missing. From planning to final implementation, we keep customers constantly updated. We listen to what is important for your business.


Aristek Systems takes on projects of all sizes and complexity and designs personalized software tailored to your specific requirements. We dive into your business processes to get a better understanding of your goals and help you reach them with our comprehensive solutions.


We provide scalable custom solutions to support your future business development. Our team will help to adjust existing software to the changing market requirements and let your company gain a competitive edge.

Cost Effectiveness

When outsourcing custom software development to our agency, you are making a long-term investment in your company’s future. We help you take maximum advantage of innovation to optimize business processes, decrease operational costs, and enhance the overall performance across all departments.


We care about the safety of clients’ information and make sure to add an extra level of security to the solutions by ensuring compliance with GDPR, OWASP, and other industry-specific standards. Our custom software development firm implements proven technologies and years of expertise to prevent any data leakage and loss.

Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance services will help keep your IT systems running 24/7. Whether you need a partner to administer regular backups or address ongoing issues in a timely manner, Aristek Systems has you covered all the time.

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Contact Us

+1 (949) 988-0447

2372 Morse Avenue,
Ste. 607,
Irvine, CA 92614
+375 (29) 744-23-52

Business Center "Park Plaza",
22a/2 Lahojski Trakt, Suite 304,
Minsk, 220090
Tasmeer Residences,
Office 303,
Dubai, JVC, 971