React JS Development & Consulting Services

React JS Development & Consulting Services

Published: November 05, 2021Updated: January 03, 2023
React JS Development & Consulting Services

Aristek Systems is committed to JavaScript & React JS development. We have built several reusable React components, full web applications and React Native mobile apps.

Custom React JS Development

From creating custom solutions in alignment with your requirements to upgrading existing apps, our engineers will have you covered. Discover opportunities delivered with our React JS development services and leverage them for the benefit of your business.

Bespoke Development

Our talented engineers develop custom web and applications using React JS to deliver better user experience through responsive UI design and smooth performance.


We enable a flawless migration process, wrapping the code of your existing application into React components step by step, while ensuring your users don’t experience any convenience in the meantime.


Our React JS development company helps you stay competitive and provides continuous support to let your apps evolve alongside the changing market requirements.

Our Selected React JS Projects

TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform

TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform

TeachMe — Custom eLearning Web Platform

Our customer wanted us to create an educational platform which would stay the connector of teachers and students, a progress tracking tool and the educational source to a large number of schools.

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ERP For A Car Shipping Company

ERP For A Car Shipping Company

ERP For A Car Shipping Company

A comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that dramatically increased the efficiency of a well-known US-based vehicle transportation company.

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Custom Electronic Health Record Platform

Custom Electronic Health Record Platform

Custom Electronic Health Record Platform

Reliable scalable Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform for patients, doctors and healthcare providers. Safe place for health information exchange with quick access to essential patient’s information.

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Custom Electronic Medical Record System

Custom Electronic Medical Record System

Custom Electronic Medical Record System

Comprehensive EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system for private group of clinics from the USA, specializing in mental health. Easy and quick management of patient mental information and accompanying billing documents. System integrations with insurance companies and clearinghouses.

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Get Your Custom React JS Software Solution

As a reliable React JS development company, Aristek Systems implements the latest front-end technologies to deliver full-fledged applications tailored to your needs. We aim to build scalable solutions with smart composable architecture that can be easily adjusted to the constantly changing business environment.

Our dedicated teams offer flexible pricing models on our services and create impactful fault-tolerant web apps for businesses of all sizes and industries. Thanks to the component-based architecture, React JS applications created by Aristek Systems help clients to save time and money on the development process. Partner with us to get SEO-friendly solutions with enhanced UI that are easy to use and maintain.

Advantages of Aristek Systems

Why Choose Aristek Systems for React JS Software Development?

Enhanced performance & productivity
Improved scalability
Reduced costs
Advanced security
Better user experience
Increased functionality

Why Aristek Systems


Years Of Digital Experience


Clients Worldwide


Qualified Employees


Middle & Senior Engineers


Long-Term Projects


Industries Covered

Our Engagement Models

We have three key modes of engaging with our clients on React JS development:

Time & Material

If you have a fresh project concept or you’re not sure about your market, go with Time and Materials. Mid-size and large projects have lots of details, so the projects are hard to set in stone. In such cases, T&M will save your money.

Fixed Price

Go with Fixed Price when you’re have a small project on your mind. If you know exactly what you need, we can plan the budget and deliver the project on time.

Dedicated Development Team

Hire developers if you want to expand your IT team. Most of our developers have 2+ years of experience and specific industry knowledge. Read more about staff augmentation.


What is React JS development?

ReactJS is a Java Script library used for developing single-page application user interfaces. These days, React JS is widely regarded as the go-to library for developers. The ReactJS front-end library is responsible for the view layer of the MVC architecture. Meta and the rest of the React JS community stand behind it.

How React JS reduces app development costs?

ReactJS helps you save money on app since you can make use of UI components over and over again, and you can also test your app while it is still being developed, ReactJS helps you cut down on what you would spend in developing an app. Furthermore, JavaScript can be used to code both the server and client sides of the software. It accelerates the app development process while lowering overall development costs.

Will data confidentiality be an issue?

Not at all. We ensure the confidentiality of our clients data, and our NDA is watertight and will not pose.

What can you build with React JS?

For creating intuitive and efficient user interfaces (UIs) in web apps, mobile solutions, and websites, React is an excellent JavaScript library to have at your disposal.

This library can be used to enhance a variety of projects, such as:

  • Social networks;
  • Dashboards;
  • Single page applications;
  • eCommerce software;
  • Real-time chat apps;
  • Streaming solutions;
  • Enterprise web applications, and others.
  • Is React better than Angular?

    Answering this depends on what your project size. When building a comprehensive solution with complex features, Angular is the best choice. Angular is best utilized in progressive, single-page, and native web applications. However, because of its shorter development time and greater compatibility, React is a better choice for startups.

    Is React JS front-end or back-end?

    JavaScript’s React library is a strong and adaptable tool for building beautiful user interfaces. It is solely responsible for the solution’s view layer, making it a front-end technology.

    Can you build mobile apps with React JS?

    React JS is primarily used for React web development, but React Native can also be used to create mobile applications. We also offer React Native development services.

    Where can you get our React JS development services?

    We make sure we are providing the best React.js development services for our clients in North America (the United States, Canada), the United Kingdom, the European Union (Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland), GCC (UAE, Saudi Arabia). We are also getting into new markets in South Africa, Turkey, South Korea etc.

    Do you have more questions?

    Do you have more questions?

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