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Our software development services can be of use to any company in the Transportation and Logistics domain.

Transportation Companies

Manage your fleet, receive timely information about vehicle status, and ensure the most efficient usage of each truck, plane, or ship with our customized solutions.

Freight Forwarding Companies

Maintain good relations with your customers, ensure quick and safe delivery, and keep your documentation useful and audit-ready.


Receive reliable data on the inventory, adapt each load to the vehicle’s parameters, and employ AR solutions for easier planning.

Manufacturing Companies

Logistics management software development for multiple transportation providers, cargo tracking throughout the whole supply chain, and keeping your fleet in top shape.

Logistics Marketplaces

Launch a new system to disrupt the market, optimize the existing one to handle any load required, and integrate with other systems for maximum reliability and speed.

Logistics Freight Forwarding Issues We Address

Route Management

Plan the vehicle’s path to ensure optimal time, load, and fuel efficiency.

Load Consolidation

Deliver any quantity of goods faster and use the vehicles with better ROI.

Document Management

Get a smooth and quick flow of orders, contracts, invoices, and other paperwork.

Accounts Receivable

Monitor the levels or accounts receivable, adjust the limits and improve collections.


Receive the latest information on quotas and automate the planning and scheduling processes.

Client Relations

Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest information and manage orders faster.

Customs Clearance

Process transnational cargo in a fast and easy manner.

Fleet Management

Maintain your vehicles in top shape and use them to their full capacity.

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Advantages of Aristek Logistics Freight Forwarding Software Solutions

Here’s what you can be sure of when working with us:

  • Cost-Efficiency

    Our overseas development center allows us to give you better prices while keeping the high quality you deserve.

  • Usability

    Our designers make sure your product is both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Automation

    We make your employees more productive by automating complicated and routine tasks.

  • Personalization

    We make software that adapts to your needs, not forces you to adapt to it.

  • Security

    We employ the latest cybersecurity techniques to ensure your confidential data remains confidential.

  • Scalability

    We build software that will grow with your business.

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