Remedicine — Remote Patient Management System (RPM) AristekSystems

Remedicine — Remote Patient Management System (RPM)

Remedicine — Remote Patient Management System (RPM) AristekSystems

In the current world situation, the telemedicine becomes incredibly useful and popular. It’s increasingly becoming a tool for convenient medical care that can be fulfilled remotely. The fact of receiving emergency help/consultation immediately and with 24/7 access without wasting time in the waiting rooms now is the key benefit in the medicine area which telemedicine faces.

Duration: 8 months — MVP, total 20+ months

Technologies & Tools

  • .NET Core 2
  • Angular JS
  • Firebase

Customer’s Expectations

Our customer expected us to make the system providing the ability of video-conference between the doctor and the patient, Patient Management and Evaluation, and payment function.

The main goals, which the customer followed were:

  • to give medical professionals (individuals), doctors, medical practices the opportunity to observe patients, figure out diseases, and prescribe the treatment online;
  • to manage patient’s progress remotely;
  • to save time on invoicing and dealing with insurances.

The key requirements we had:

  • to make a complex integrated service used in homes, hospitals, private physician offices, and other healthcare facilities;
  • to make a scalable solution in order to add new features;
  • to make a telemedicine solution be HIPAA compliant to protect patient privacy.

Project Description

Based on all the customer’s requirements, the main domain tendencies and market demand we’ve created a complex telemedicine system, which includes:

  • Remote patient monitoring (RPM) system (for a doctor and for a patient)
  • Admin Panel
  • Mobile App

All the parts of the system should be HIPAA compliant that means that technology used for telemedicine services needs to ensure high-level security and prevent any breaches of patient personal health data, provide proper documentation to the patient’s primary care provider, follow their licensing and credentialing guidelines.

Remedicine Desktop Functionality for Doctors Overview

Remedicine — Appointment Calendar Screen
Remedicine — RPM Statistics Screen
Remedicine — Patient Information Screen
Remedicine — Remote Practice Screen
Remedicine — Software Integrations Screen


Our team structure for Remedicine RPM development


Business Analyst


UX/UI Designer




Back-end Engineers


Front-end Engineers


Mobile Developer


QA Specialists


Project Manager

System Core Features

RPM Part

The main features of the Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system are:

  • Video-conference between a Doctor and a Patient;
  • Managing a Patient’s illness history and progress;
  • Managing a Patient’s Care Plan;
  • Managing the Appointment Calendar;
  • Patient Management and Evaluation;
  • Prescribing (API integration with internal EHR system);
  • Billing and Payment;
  • Quality Assurance.

Mobile App

The main goal of the mob app is to provide an ability to utilize the system from anywhere:

  • Set of functions for Doctors;
  • Set of functions for Patients.

Admin Part

An admin part includes the following core features:

  • Managing Doctors and Patients profiles;
  • Managing Doctors Calendar;
  • Managing the changelog.


We built an MVP of this platform from scratch having only described business processes. There were also a set of requests to us for:

  • scaling of this solution;
  • adding new features;
  • providing it with API integrations;
  • help in its commercialization (subscriptions management module in the developed SuperAdmin part of the system).

Our customer got an additional round of funding to continuously improve and extend this idea in the era of COVID-19 & Remote Live.

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