Custom 3D Modeling & Consulting

Custom 3D Modeling & Consulting

Published: March 11, 2022Updated: March 28, 2023
Custom 3D Modeling & Consulting

Aristek Systems provides end‑to‑end custom 3D model service and design solutions for companies seeking creative 3D visuals for their projects. Let us ease your product development process and make your ideas real.

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Long-Term Projects

Made-To-Order 3D Modeling Services

If you need a skilled professional to create customized 3D models with both low and high polygon counts for your project or to produce a 3D animation video showcasing your products, we are here to assist you. We have extensive experience across a range of industries, including education, entertainment and food. At Aristek Systems, our expert team employs the latest trends and 3D technologies to bring your ideas to life, delivering high-quality end results that match your vision.

Computer Aid Design (CAD)

Work with our experienced drafting technicians to get an accurate and clear 3D design for your projects. Our team uses only high-end computer-aided drafting technologies to create accurate custom made 3D drawings.

3D Product Modeling

Let us take the concept of your product and turn it into a precise 3D model. Get an all-around view of your product’s future design to make sure it looks perfect before proceeding to the manufacturing stage.

3D Rendering

Take advantage of our top-notch 3D rendering services to power your sales. We create photorealistic images of your product to let your customers see it in more detail.

3D Animation

Impress your customers and partners with 3D animations created by Aristek Systems. Our best animators and graphic designers will craft high-quality motion graphics and videos for your product.

If you’re ready to bring your 3D modeling project to life, contact us today to learn more about our custom 3D modeling services. Our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality results that exceed your expectations. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your vision is realized and your project is completed on time and within budget. Don’t settle for generic 3D models or animations – let Aristek Systems create a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

The Team Is Qualified For Completing Multiple Tasks Of Varying Complexity

3D modeling outsourcing and animation, integrating 3D presentations with websites while minding the performance, adding interactivity to the scenes, developing 2D or 3D browser games using ready‑made scenarios and design, as well as creating them from scratch, making AR and VR solutions.

Our Signature 3D Projects

Innovative Metaverse Food Court Solution

Innovative Metaverse Food Court Solution

Innovative Metaverse Food Court Solution

This Case Study looks into a full stack food technology company and multi-kitchen delivery company entering into the Metaverse. The Aristek team were able to map out the possible challenges they could face and create systems that would address those challenges.

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3D Scenes “Volcano”

3D Scenes “Volcano”

3D Scenes “Volcano”

Compared to traditional approaches, Aristek has developed an interactive tool for generating 3D scenes. This tool can provide 20‑30% superior student engagement scores.

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3D Scenes “Galaxies”

3D Scenes “Galaxies”

3D Scenes “Galaxies”

Aristek developed interactive 3D scenes that increase student engagement with the ratio of 20‑30% as compared to the traditional approach.

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Contact Our 3D Modeling Expert

Contact Our 3D Modeling Expert

Contact Our 3D Modeling Expert

Why Phaser, PixiJS

Lightweight libraries with powerful graphics

Large community & continuous support from developers

Publicly available solutions & examples

Extra plugins to expand the native capabilities

High‑level API for more flexibility & capabilities

Optimized processing of high‑performance graphics

TypeScript support

Quick implementation of pre‑designed games


Take Full Advantage of Our 3D Product Modeling Services

As a leading 3D product modeling company, Aristek Systems, employing professional 3D modelers, has vast experience building 3D modeling and design solutions tailored to unique business requirements and budget.

Enhanced project development process

Get accurate three-dimensional models of your products before passing them on to the manufacturing stage.

No need to hire in-house specialists

Outsource 3D modeling services to our talented team to minimize investment in hiring new employees.

Efficient marketing & sales activities powered with visuals

Show the key benefits of your products and services to target clients through engaging animations and 3D digital designs.

Our Engagement Models

Time & Material

Choose this model for your big ideas. With T&M, you can make changes even after months of development. It’s hard to predict every little detail in advance, so for large projects this model can save you a fortune.

Fixed Price

Go with Fixed Price when you’re have a small project on your mind. If you know exactly what you need, we can plan the budget and deliver the project on time.

Staff Augmentation

Hire 3D modelers if you want to expand your creative team. Most of our 3D specialists have 2+ years of experience and specific industry knowledge. Read more about staff augmentation.

Talk To Our 3D Modeling Expert

Talk To Our 3D Modeling Expert