Ruby on Rails Development & Consulting

Ruby on Rails Development & Consulting

Ruby on Rails Development & Consulting

Our developers are well equipped and skilled to create engaging web applications using Ruby on Rails efficiently.

Aristek can help your business reach its full potential with our Ruby on Rails application development solutions. We are the leading Ruby on Rails Development Company because we have 22 years of experience in RoR web and mobile development as well as a deep familiarity with the RoR framework, all of which allow us to finish complicated application development projects more quickly and affordably than our competitors.

Custom RoR Development

Aristek Systems helps companies stay on top of the competition and offers a great variety of services to deliver powerful full-fledged solutions aligning with our clients’ major goals and requirements.

Ruby Consulting Services

Our tech experts will help you develop a step-by-step strategy using our experience in delivering RoR-based projects. We will identify your major pain points and challenges to come up with an impactful solution that covers them all.

Custom App Development

From fully-featured and user-friendly MVPs to custom RoR-based solutions, you can rely on our Ruby on Rails application development services. We help both startups and enterprises of any size to turn their ideas into real projects to let them stand out from the competition.

Enterprise App Development

Whether you need software to enable simple communication between employees or for efficient process management across your organization, our company can help. We offer custom Ruby on Rails enterprise application development services to deliver solutions that are easy to use and perfectly align with your business environment.

Web API Development

Our experts build custom secure APIs and optimize them properly to enable flawless interaction between RoR-based apps and third-party systems.

Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing support for RoR solutions to make sure they work perfectly under any circumstances. From software updates to data backups, we have you covered.

Code Audit & Refactoring

Our QA experts will analyze your code to identify its vulnerabilities and drawbacks and will come up with a solution to deal with the existing problems. We help you make sure your apps perform at their best.

Our Selected RoR Projects

Award-Winning eLearning Platform for K-12

Award-Winning eLearning Platform for K-12

Award-Winning eLearning Platform for K-12

Development from scratch of K-12 eLearning platform to smoothly manage the academic operations.

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Maintenance Schedule Management Solution

Maintenance Schedule Management Solution

Maintenance Schedule Management Solution

This case study lays out the journey of Aristek with a client from the point of the client’s challenge down to the provision of a workable solution. It lists the team of professionals, their tools, and the entire process from scratch.

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Logistics ERP

Logistics ERP

Logistics ERP

Aristek developed a comprehensive ERP that automated all the business processes, improved employee productivity by 23% and decreased fuel expenditure by 31%.

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ArteComm — eCommerce Website Builder

ArteComm — eCommerce Website Builder

ArteComm — eCommerce Website Builder

Aristek helped develop an all-in-one solution for independent artists, designers, and other creators. The feature set gives the system a serious shot to challenge Shopify and BigCommerce in the art domain.

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Get Your Bespoke RoR Software Solution

As an experienced Ruby on Rails development company, Aristek Systems provides services to companies of any size and different business fields and builds custom solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Our team makes sure to meet your budget and timeline requirements to enable a fast and cost-effective dev process without compromising the quality of the final product.

When partnering with us for Ruby on Rails app development, you get scalable feature-packed solutions that are easy to maintain and adjust in accordance with the objectives you set. We enable a transparent project development process and provide our clients with insightful reports to keep them updated. Whether you need to introduce new functionalities or want to switch to a different framework, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge.

Advantages of Aristek Systems

Why Choose Aristek Systems for Ruby on Rails Software Development?

Fast & cost-effective Ruby on Rails application development process
Highly scalable architecture that allows modifying apps easily
A cleaner code that enhances overall application performance
Enhanced security across all RoR-based solutions to efficiently prevent major attacks
Simple and fast software deployment process
Fewer bugs and errors due to the use of the Agile methodology

Why Aristek Systems

22 years

of Digital Experience


Qualified Employees


Middle and Senior Engineers


Long-term Projects


Regular Clients

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We adhere to the Agile development methodology, and our expertise in RoR development extends beyond writing code that is both readable and bug-free to include providing first-rate maintenance and support both during and after a project’s deployment. Using Ruby on Rails’s inherent ease of use, we create functional, secure, and financially rewarding web and mobile applications for your company.


Who is a Rails developer?

A Ruby on Rails developer is a professional who specializes in the development of online and mobile applications and is accountable for producing codes for the development of applications in the Ruby on Rails interface.

Which companies use Ruby on Rails?

Companies like Dribble, Airbnb, GitHub, CrunchBase, SlideShare, Shopify, and Bloomberg(to name a few) have entrusted their framework and applications into the hands of Ruby on Rails.

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Ruby on Rails is a technology that can be used for many different things. It is used in projects in various industries to make different kinds of apps. Developers can make a web application very quickly with the help of the web framework. Ruby on Rails is not only fast, but it also simplifies the process of development and makes it easy for companies to scale their projects and add new features.

Why do startups use Rails?

In a short amount of time and with minimal outlay of capital, Rails allows startups to grasp an operational model. The horizontal and vertical scalability of Rails apps is simple to achieve. As a result, using Ruby on Rails in your startup’s technological stack will allow your web application to expand in tandem with your company’s needs.

What information do you need before you start coding an app?

If the engagement is a fixed-price one, we demanded a very specific project scope. We make sure the functional specification document, which details architectural choices, coding standards, and typical usage procedures, is available for the developer and covers the UI and functional behavior. Prior to development, UI designs must be created and authorized by the client. Additionally, we are aware of the project’s overall design and scalability, enabling us to appropriately execute database architecture and service design.

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