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Industries We Serve


We can develop a complete suite of software for school, university, or corporate training.

  • Custom LMS/LXP systems to automate learning and allow for remote and independent teaching.
  • School administration applications that handle routine processes like tracking students’ results, managing subscriptions and budgets, or making orders.
  • Unique online courses using the latest instructional design approaches and technological advancements.
  • Immersive AR/VR content that simulates the practical application of learned skills.
Screenshot of eLearning System Designed by Aristek Systems
  • Pipeline management systems to locate leaks and keep the pumps working at maximum effectiveness.
  • Industry-specific ERPs automating oil and gas-related business processes and providing reliable analytics.
  • Risk management software able to mitigate common threats to your bottom line.

Everything is built to the highest of GCC standards.

Screenshot of ERP System for Oil and Gas Industry Designed by Aristek Systems
  • Turnkey electronic health records that make helping patients easier and more profitable.
  • Practice management solutions for better business control and precise analytics. Learning management systems letting doctors and nurses improve their skills without overloading their schedules.
  • Custom telehealth systems able to connect you to patients anywhere.

Our software is compliant with the local regulations of UAE and other GCC countries.

Screenshot of EMR System Designed by Aristek System
  • ERPs that help control and optimize stock, fleet, documents, client relations, and other business aspects.
  • Warehouse management software for controlling the stores and getting accurate predictions for future stock.
  • Vehicle tracking systems to ensure your fleet is always bringing profit.
  • Logistical marketplaces to connect vendors and potential clients.
Screenshot of Logistics ERP System Designed by Aristek Systems
  • Virtual laboratories to help students learn better and save the school budget.
  • Product presentations that help potential investors or customers try it out in a digital environment.
  • Impressive 3D ads that would ensure your target audience remember your brand.
  • Online events, capable of bringing together people from any country.
AR and VR Solutions Designed by Aristek Systems
  • Web and mobile shops with a clean and intuitive interface to help customers buy easily.
  • Secure and reliable digital auctions for any bidding format.
  • Integration of payment systems for processing of digital payments from anywhere in the world.
  • Convenient trade portals for B2B commercial interactions.
eCommerce Web Development by Aristek Systems

What We Do?

We are an IT solutions company that grows our clients’ businesses by making computers do routine tasks. We develop software custom-tailored to the needs of the specific company and local regulations (from Dubai to San Francisco).

You can also hire a team of top-notch coders and manage them yourself. Whether you need our help streamlining your business or launching a new product you can expect helpfulness, understanding, and excellent quality.

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Who We Are?

Aristek Systems is a well-established software engineering shop with over 21 years of experience on the market. We serve customers from all over the world, from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Our clients enjoy the quality work from experienced developers, clear communication with management staff, and increased profits from the overall Aristek experience.

Outsourced Software Development Advantages


Our outsourcing software development company enjoys lower taxes thanks to having a development center in Belarus. This helps us give you lower prices while keeping great quality.


We work in the same time zone as you, ensuring quick replies to your questions. Moreover, we understand the Middle Eastern mentality thanks to our experience working with clients from United Arab Emirates.

Experienced Team

75% of our development team has 5+ years of experience. This helps them make reliable software that conforms to all your specifications.


Dr John Vandewalle, MD MBA BSc (Hons)
                    <br>CEO of Lumen Touch

Dr John Vandewalle

CEO of Lumen Touch, Kansas City, USA

The most amazing thing about our partnership is that in many situations we don’t have the time to map out product specifications and requirements and yet the final product almost always exceeds our expectations. This has been very inspirational for our team and continues to make our partnership even more meaningful.

For us, we enjoy the privilege of working with the very cohesive team of Aristek Systems and look forward to a solid ongoing relationship. We would highly recommend this team to other organizations that are looking for a partnership rather than an outsourcing opportunity.

Barys Marozau, Owner of MBE Engineering

Barys Marozau

Owner of MBE Engineering, Poland

Responsibility, high quality, business integrity. These are the exact and significant terms that describe our experience of cooperation with Aristek Systems. It also includes strong software development background, opportunity to generate practical ideas and offers and reasonable prices for services provided.

An important feature to be marked was the devotion these guys demonstrated when they had learned about our project which was aimed at creation of a corporate website together with consultations on the software maintenance and servers setting.

Yusuf Qasim, Co-Founder

Yusuf Qasim

Co-founder of fitnesswhiteboard.com, USA

Aristek Systems not only got next to an idea on the fly but also offered constructive solutions that captured our thoughts and desires best in spite of the fact that our product was quite specific.

Throughout the entire development process, there was ongoing and productive communication and collaboration of ideas & new concepts. We were always updated routinely on the current stage of development, work completed, and additional todo items. Their effective communication and flexibility was critical to the success of this project.

We Share Our Knowledge

Want to learn more about custom outsourced software development? Check out the blog and get valuable insights into the software development industry. Discover more about the latest trends and technologies and stay tuned!

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