Privacy as a Service (PaaS) Most of us have some kind of data profile online and, in light of several high profile security breaches, we are increasingly concerned about what happens to our data. More

6 Simple Tech Steps to Increase profit for your Small Business It can be hard being a smaller player when faced with the huge IT giants but if you want to improve your bottom line there are 6 great ways you can do so by focusing on making key changes to your tech. More

Low Code Software Development – What every CIO should know. It seems that views on low code software development vary according to which CIO you ask. On the one hand, the use of low code is an efficient way of providing a low usage service without overspending. More

What you need to know about Spring Boot Spring Boot is based on Spring, and some of its functions depend on Spring to work. Spring is popular with ava developers but to utilize it they have to configure it themselves. More

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Top 6 Trends to Watch From science fiction, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become a fact of life and in recent years the use of AI and ML is rising dramatically. More

Top 7 Tips for a Great User Interface If you are a designer working with User Experience/Interface (UX/UI) you will know that a small mistake can increase the costs of development, affect app performance and cost money. Here are 7 great ways to create that great UI without the drawbacks. More

How to Apply App Architecture in Just 10 Minutes If you are looking to develop an Android app you will be familiar with the architectural components needed to do so and that building this architecture can take a lot of time. More

Customer Analytics and Big Data Big data consists of large amounts of information and to analyze, process and store it specialist solutions are needed. More

How to Avoid Security Risks in Cloud Computing Cybersecurity has become increasingly important with the advent of cloud technology and six main risks were highlighted in 2019. More

User Experience – The Future of Conversational Interfaces Virtual assistants and conversational interfaces are on the ascendant and are common in customer service settings. More

Cybersecurity: Best Practice for Small/Medium-Sized Businesses Small and medium-sized businesses have increasingly become victims of cyber attacks. More

How Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Impact Software Development To successfully develop a mobile app you should define what the functional and non-functional requirements are before the team starts work. More

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