Is serverless right for your business Serverless has become more popular for businesses looking to move away from upfront payment to pay-on-demand pricing system alongside simplifying complexity. This complexity is unavoidable when managing infrastructure but moving on to the pay-as-you-go model means that this responsibility is removed. More

Poor Security Budgets Help Hackers Win Cybersecurity is a hot topic – for businesses one breach can be devastating in terms of financial costs, lost trust and damage to reputation. It is vital, therefore, that security budgets reflect the amount of risk that your company faces. More

Testing Automation for Agile & DevOps In modern business, a trade-off between speed, cost and quality is no longer on the table. As more and more automation and other tech initiatives hit the market development testers need to be able to scale Agile alongside the adoption of DevOps. More

Predictions for Application Security There are several exciting developments predicted for the future of application security expected over the next few years. It is anticipated that providers of software composition analysis tools are likely to see that SCA will become the leader when it comes to application security. More

Who owns continuous testing In a world where Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is fast becoming the norm Continuous Testing (CT) is essential for organizations who want to deliver more and more rapidly to customers who insist that the software maintain its quality. More

4 Top Tips to Meet that Deadline “Deadline" - just hearing the word can cause panic. We all know that missing a deadline can lose a client, cost money or lead to extra hours at work to get things done. Deadline anxiety is real! Here are 4 great ways to make sure your team wins at deadlines every time. More

7 Key Trends Transforming Digital and IT Operations Management Digital technology has forever changed the way that businesses work. In 2018 over US $1trillion was spent on digital services like cloud platforms, AI, VR, ML and many other technologies designed to increase business agility and improve customer experience. More

8 Steps to Happy Clients Keeping a customer happy means meeting their needs and expectations plus offering them special attention and care. More

VR Technology – 8 Industries that Can Reap Huge Benefits VR is on the rise and can certainly make a huge difference in the way businesses operate. Here are the 8 industries which can benefit the most from embracing Virtual Reality. More

When Agile and Open Source Meet Both agile and open-source practices are becoming more common but are often seen as contradictory. However, despite their differences joining agile with open-source can bring multiple benefits. More

Release Orchestration Tools – The Way to Digital Transformation Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, particularly in the sphere of IT. Software is still relatively slow to release and manual deployment has been highlighted as one potential cause. More

Great Ways to Use Augmented Reality (AR) in your business AR works by superimposing virtual overlays into the real world and this gives the user the chance to view something before it is produced or designed using an AR headset. More

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