The Software Testing Life Cycle: Major Steps and Benefits In order to make sure software behaves according to expectations tests must be performed based on customer requirements. This is done via the STLC or Software Testing Life Cycle. More

Software Testing – Do We Need a Separate Methodology? Web development methodologies and those associated with functional programming are at the forefront of discussions, however all these methods are designed to help with development and very little provided to assist with testing. So do testers need their own methodology? More

Enterprise Resource Modules – Their Role in Improving Business Operations As a company grows or changes it may need to change their EPR system but there is no longer a need to start a gain from scratch, rather you can choose to integrate an ERP module. More

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) – What Is It and How Does It Work? We seem to see this new abbreviation – M2M – just about everywhere, we know that it is likely to be connection to IT, but what does it mean, and how does it work? More

The IT Project Life Cycle Holds Huge Untapped Potential If an IT project fails it is almost always down to bad planning or bad requirements. By following the 80/20 theory and increasing your planning by 20%, your productivity will increase by 80%. More

Salesforce – Is It Right for Your Business? Salesforce is at the top of the CRM table again for the twelfth year running, but is it a good fit for your organization? This article looks at the pros and cons to help you decide. More

The Ultimate Guide to IoT in Manufacturing Manufacturers need to find new ways to stay competitive by gaining improvements in productivity, enhancing operations and one of the ways technological developments are assisting this is through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). More

Business Intelligence Solutions: Vital for Modern Business Business Intelligence is a key trend and it is still gaining traction, so what is it and how does it work? BI is a software that allows a business to extract and analyze essential information from data using interactive reports, mapping, dashboards and other tools. A key component of any successful Business Intelligent tool is the use of KPIs and metric analysis. More

Web Communication: Improving Customer Service Web communication can improve your customer service, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and benefit clients, employees and your business. Technological change has been rapid and alongside this support training has improved via the use of web based communications and video chat. More

E-Commerce Solutions – Making Them Work for Your Business Rather than looking a the problems you may face with an e-commerce solution this article looks at how it acts to make your business a success. More

It’s a Tough 2019 for Business – How Tech Can Help Forecasts are for a bleak 2019 for business. As markets worldwide continue to be under stress businesses will be looking for ways to make savings while optimizing their processes and this is where tech can help. More

How Can Technology Positive Impact Education? Everywhere we look it seems that the science fiction of yesterday is becoming the reality of today. This article looks at how technology impacts education – for better and for worse. More

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