FPLogistics — ERP for a Car Shipping Company AristekSystems

FPLogistics — ERP for a Car Shipping Company

FPLogistics — ERP for a Car Shipping Company AristekSystems

A comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that dramatically increased efficiency of a well-known US-based vehicle transportation company.

Duration: 6+ months and ongoing support + adding new features and integrations.

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • React JS


We were approached by the founder of a car shipping company from the USA. The business focused on helping people get the vehicles they bought at an auction. Unfortunately, their business software has become outdated, so a newer, better version was needed to replace it. To develop it, the founder needed a solid ERP Software Development Company — one like Aristek.


The client’s existing system wasn’t fit for modern challenges. It couldn’t auto-generate invoices, save detailed information about orders, or follow the transported vehicles. It did automate some business processes but that wasn’t nearly enough. Replacing it with a new application would help the client’s employees become more productive and provide better customer service.


Our Team Structure for ERP System for a Car Shipping Company.


Front-end Engineer


QA Engineer


Business Analyst


Back-end Engineers


Project Manager

ERP Desktop Functionality

ERP for US Based Car Shipping Business
ERP for US Based Car Shipping Business
ERP for US Based Car Shipping Business
ERP for US Based Car Shipping Business


We studied the customer’s old system to implement its effective features in the new one. After a discovery phase, where we mapped out all the business processes in the client’s company, we got to the development. Meanwhile, the client and his partner kept in touch, acting as subject matter experts.

The process included prototyping so that we could show our client the approximate workflows of the ERP and change them, if necessary.

This ERP system included many important and interesting features:

  • Cargo optimization. The ERP could monitor the load of each container and make suggestions for the optimal one. This saved our client money on transportation costs as they could transport more vehicles in the same time frame.
  • Route optimization. The ERP system could automatically plan the most cost-efficient way of delivering each vehicle.
  • Automatic invoice creation. The documents were generated by the ERP system based on the existing information and without human input.
  • Automated reporting. A 360-degree view of the KPIs and other metrics that managers could use for making informed business decisions.
  • Notifications for customers. The client’s customers get notified about the status of their order and can retrieve their vehicles before the storage fees start to accumulate.
  • Accounts payable/receivable. Detailed monitoring of cash flow to and from the company.

These are just a sample of what the ERP system can do.


The new ERP System has dramatically increased the employees’ productivity. Now they could find vehicles in the database using VIN, client, container number, or other parameters. The management could quickly bring up detailed information on accounts payable and receivable, as well as the overall state of the business. The transportation itself became tightly controlled, with the vehicles in transit being tracked every step of the way.

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