Digital Assistant For Veterinary Surgeons

Digital Assistant For Veterinary Surgeons AristekSystems


Veterinary Hospital that provides veterinary care to cats and dogs, as well as many different types of exotic animals, including birds, reptiles, ferrets, and rabbits.

  • Location: USA
  • Industry: Veterinary Care
  • Client since: 2022


We built our client a SAAS digital assistant for veterinary surgeons.

Here’s what it would do:

  • The app stores and analyzes the pet’s health data. With health parameters at hand, the vet can evaluate if the surgery is necessary.
  • Help with choosing the right type of anesthesia for the surgery and calculating its dosage.

Anesthesia involves risks. The risks can range from mild (vomiting during recovery) to life-threatening (cardiac arrests or strokes). If the surgeon miscalculates the anesthesia dose, the pet can die.

Our solution calculates the exact dose within seconds even in areas with no internet connection. With our product surgeons can be sure that pets won’t die from anesthesia overdose.


  • Encompass a wide range of veterinary fields. The application should be fit for small and large animal medicine, including exotic animals. It should also be applicable to animal research medicine
  • Capture, store, and retrieve patient data quickly and easily
  • Monitor and record patients’ vital signs. Create a color-coded chart with them
  • Create a method of calculating medications accurately. It should be based on the animal’s weight and medical data, including patient records, medical histories, diagnostic test results, and treatment plans
  • Create a tool for streamlined and comprehensive dental preventive care charting
  • Follow AAHA privacy and security standards to ensure the safety and confidentiality of patient information
  • The ability for several veterinarians to collaborate on the same case
  • The app should fully support offline mode
  • Support integration with 3rd party platforms to allow seamless communication between veterinarians, support staff, and other healthcare professionals
  • Create a License Builder, so that different vet clinics could work with the application
  • Build a Reporting System for app administrators to see stats of application usage


To create a SAAS service for veterinary surgeons, we created several user interfaces:

  • Full-Featured Mobile App for healthcare specialists (vets and nurses)
  • Admin Panel for hospital managers
  • Web Based Admin Panel for application administrators

Mobile App

The app includes several modules for both healthcare specialists and hospital managers.

  • Case Management

    Here vets can manage their cases created for each animal. They can:

    • Create a new case;
    • View cases of their colleagues within the same organization;
    • Archive existing cases;
    • Export cases in PDF format and print case details.

    Inside each case they can:

    • View the calculation;
    • Use the timer for monitoring;
    • See the chart for monitoring the dynamics of vital signs;
    • Provide dental cleaning using a dental charting tool;
    • Use anesthetic protocols.
  • Profile

    Here healthcare specialists can edit their profile details: first and last names, email addresses, passwords, and photos.

  • Organization Management

    Here hospital managers can:

    • Manage organization details;
    • Manage own details;
    • Invite doctors and nurses within a clinic to the platform;
    • Manage the lists of users in the organization.
  • Anesthetic Protocols

    Here healthcare specialists can create template protocols that would calculate anesthesia. Doctors can add different groups of medications to the protocol. They can also indicate their concentration and dosage.

Admin Panel

This panel is made for our client to manage the hospitals that use the app.

  • Organization Management

    Here the admins can:

    • Add vet hospitals that will use the platform;
    • Create admin roles for organizations;
    • Edit details of the organization;
    • Review the list of added users to the organization.
  • License Management

    Here admins create different types of licenses that can be assigned to the organization using the application. They can indicate the maximum number of users, the license period, and the price.

  • Order Management

    Here admins can manage orders for licenses, and create new orders for a particular organization by selecting the license type.

  • Reports

    Here admins can review the statistics from the Client application: how many active users, active organizations, created cases per each organization, etc.

  • Access Log

    Here admins can view the list of all log in and log out attempts made by users.

  • Change Log

    Here admins can view the list of all changes made for each case. It’s legally required to specify the name of the employee who made changes to each field in the case.

  • Emails Journal

    Here admins can view all the emails sent from the application.

Tools & Technologies


  • PHP
  • PostgreSQL
  • S3 Bucket


  • React
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL Apollo Client
  • Redux

Project Tools

  • JIRA
  • Jenkins
  • GitLab
  • TestRail

Wireframes & Mockups

  • Figma
  • Axure

Roadmap Tool

  • Miro


  • September-December 2022. Active Development

    • Designed the main modules for the Landing Page, Client App, and Admin Panel;
    • Created a set of user roles and their permissions for the Client App;
    • Implemented EMR Integrations;
    • Tested and received Stakeholder Approval.
  • January-February 2023. Release

    • Released MVP versions of the Client App and Admin Panel;
    • Sold the first licenses for the application;

    Created a plan for the future development of the Client App.


Team members involved in the project:

  • x3
    Back-End Developers
  • x3
    Front-End Developers
  • x2
    QA Engineers
  • x2
    Mobile App Developers
  • x1
    UX/ UI Designer
  • x1
    Business Analyst
  • x1
    Project Manager


We built a multifunctional system for veterinarian Surgeons and Nurses. Our app reduces pet death during surgery.

The system can register surgeries and other animal medical procedures. It stores multiple health parameters, automatically calculates anesthesia dosage, and decreases paperwork for surgeons.

Doctors and nurses can quickly access medical history. They can easily view, add and update medical data.

We keep information about pets and their owners secure. The app complies with national security standards. On top of that, we perform security tests, so hackers won’t access the app.

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