Software Marketing Strategies for Startup and Entrepreneurs

Published: February 19, 2020Updated: May 04, 2022
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Software Marketing Strategies for Startup and Entrepreneurs

If you are a startup or entrepreneur involved in software development, you will need a good strategy to market the software.

Marketing Your Software — a Guide for Startups

All of the Life-Cycle Models out there have one thing in common and that is that they involve multiple steps and each step must be completed before the next one can begin. Whether you are using waterfall, incremental or fast prototyping LCMs you will need to get a handle on your overriding strategy for getting your project to market.

Build from the Bottom Up

Success means looking at your promotion strategy right from the get-go by asking three key questions: Who? What? And Why?

WHO are you promoting the software to? You need to narrow your audience to the people who are likely to want your product instead of wasting time, energy and money promoting to huge numbers of people. If these people are already using a competitor’s product, it is worth highlighting the benefits of your own.

WHAT is your USP? What is the unique selling point of your product? What does your company have to offer? You need to choose a method of getting people interested in your product. Take a look at how your competitors are handling their marketing and learn from their experience.

You should choose the LCM that works best for you to make sure the product functions perfectly and is thoroughly tested before release. You want to make sure your LCM can adapt and throw up problems as they happen to ensure the release of a superior product.

WHY will people choose your software? What benefits does it give the customer? You can have the best LCM in the world but if the product is not relevant or has no value to your customer then it will fail. You need to make a product that people will need and that they will look out for when it comes to market.

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