Digital Transformations: Is Your Organization Ready?

That said, the results so far have been poor with only 3% of businesses saying that their digital transformation had been successful and only 14% of this type of project has proved beneficial in terms of improved performance.

How can an organization bring about a successful digital transformation and take the long-term evolution of their business further? We have put together the 10 steps that will help your business move forward towards successful digital transformation:

1. Work on Your Corporate Mindset

Digital transformation is ongoing so your organization must maintain a forward momentum. Keep track on progress and it it starts to stall find out why. Assess your workforce, their strengths and weaknesses, skills and motivation, and their will to push the process forward.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Future

Achieving short-term goals is important, however, sustaining digital transformation means staying focused and resolved to keep the process moving. Set short terms goals but always keep the long-term objectives in view.

3. Perseverance

Change is continual but it can be hard to motivate a team to keep going once they start to meet short-term goals. Mindset is the thing that needs to change — old ways of working must be left behind and new methods embraced all the time.

4. Keep the Objectives Clear

Get the whole team on board with a set of agreed objectives so that everyone works toward the same goal. Failure to do this means a loss of focus and momentum will stall.

5. Maintain Accountability

There has to be a level of accountability for the success of digital transformation. The process will fail if people assume that the process will end and they will return to normal working practices. Leaders must accept the reality of constant chance.

6. Learn from Experience

Celebrate when things go well but also evaluate mistakes. Learning from experience and taking action to prevent a recurrence will mean maximum results in the long term.

7. Seek Diverse Opinions

If you want to get things moving encourage people to express their opinions and challenge the normal ways of doing things. Listening to a range of opinions can make all the difference to your digitization strategy.

8. Embrace Automation

Automation can free up your team to focus on more important things. However, be sure to maintain a level of human interaction across the board.

9. Use Tools to Support Your Businesses

Use tools to remove any of the working processes that no longer serve to become more efficient.

10. Monitor and Evaluate

Digitally transforming your business can lead to more frequent and effective monitoring, which means you can make any changes to projects rapidly, and keep up with an increasingly competitive market.

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