Secure Messaging App for Financial Companies: Why You Need a Custom Solution

Published: January 23, 2020Updated: May 04, 2022
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Secure Messaging App for Financial Companies: Why You Need a Custom Solution

As the finance sector becomes more and more digital and more customers move into online banking, financial organizations must stay ahead of the security trends.

Financial Companies: Custom Solutions for Secure Messaging Apps

Many new fintech companies are providing innovative solutions to digital finance and fast, secure messaging is becoming vital to ensure great user experience.

Most industries are finding that customers prefer to use messaging apps and the finance industry is no exception. The reason for this is simple; a reduction in the amount of time and effort saved by both the company and the customer. However, for financial bodies, they must make sure they go to the next level in terms of security as well as making sure the app is accessible to users. As a result, many companies have opted to have their custom-made app to ensure that they get the very best for their customers.

Messaging Apps with Top-level Security

In 2018, WhatsApp fell victim to a hacker attack, which brought the issue of security home to many businesses. If security is to stay one step ahead it must be tested regularly and has to be overseen during the entire development process. Many services allow this but companies must decide if they want something off-the-shelf or they want a custom system that includes all the essentials such as disappearing messages, authentication methods, one-time passwords and end-to-end encryption. It must also comply with all the existing laws and regulations.

The best way forward is to choose a custom solution that is built specifically for the company’s needs, allowing for adaptability but also maintaining exacting security standards. If hiring a development company to create your messaging app be sure to choose an organization with experience in the finance sector. When hiring you must be specific about your needs and communicate well with the development team. Always consider integrating custom chat options — these always bring an extra level of customer satisfaction.

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