Why You Should Market Your Mobile App Before You Launch

There are millions of mobile apps available so you want yours to stand out – the only way to reach your audience is through great marketing. But more than this, you want to start your marketing campaign long before you are ready to launch.

Why Market Before Launch?

Marketing your app before you launch gives you the change to locate and connect with your potential users and allows you to build their excitement about the launch of your app. Your best plan is to make sure you have a strategy in place before you start development because you want to make sure that your app will be well-received.

Key Aspects of Your Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Your Users

You need to understand where they are, do they hang out on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook? Once you know where they are you can find out what they like by gathering data. Visualize your market and then target your audience.


Who and where are they? What sort of marketing strategies have they used? If you can find a competitor with a successful app they likely have a successful marketing strategy too. Learn from their experience.

Highlight Your Unique Value Proposition

What is unique about your offering? Once you know this you can target the users that you know your app will be perfect for. You can also start to build your branding as you start to get your message to your audience. Once users know what the app can do for them you are more likely to be able to leverage word-of-mouth promotion. Telling the story behind your app adds interest, makes it more personal and people are more likely to buy.

Slow and Steady Does It

If you want to promote your app successfully, avoid last-minute promotions and focus on building awareness slowly and consistently over time. By the time your app is available on the app store, there should be plenty of awareness and people wanting to give it a try. To make your app visible look at social media, taking out ads on Google or producing a landing page devoted to your product.

Always Beta Test

You can save a lot of money by beta testing your app. Use people who have responded to your marketing as beta testers, get them interested in the product and use their feedback to perfect your product. You want to create the best user interface you can and beta testing is the best way to achieve this.

App Store Optimization

Like SEO for google, App Store Optimization is king when it comes to promoting an App. This should always include the App’s name, a good description and plenty of visuals such as logos and screenshots.

Reach out to the Media

Before you launch your app it is worthwhile taking time to collate a list of all the platforms you will use to promote it. Develop a unique and engaging media pack that includes things like:

  • Review guides
  • Screenshots, logos and other visuals
  • Explainer videos
  • Anything that gives a great impression of your App

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