React Native Development for Desktops & Mobile Devices

Published: March 20, 2018Updated: May 14, 2022
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React Native Development for Desktops & Mobile Devices

Facebook has recently launched an open source framework React Native that can be used to develop mobile apps. The new platform allows writing hybrid programs for iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform, and they look like native ones.

Company leaders applying to programmers for creating mobile IT-products don’t have to know the principles of specialists’ work. But a properly selected technology makes half the battle for contractors engaged in projects.

Before Native was launched, IT-specialists had two ways: develop native or hybrid apps. The first type is written separately for each platform. The second type of programs provides only a single development for all operating systems but with limited tools.

Native is an intermediate option. It helps write apps on a simple and accessible language (using native elements) for all types of mobile phones and desktops. A developer employs favourite JavaScript and has unlimited possibilities.

5 Reasons to Select Native App Development

1. Crossplatformity.

Native development for desktops and mobile devices means writing a program on the most widely spread programming language-Javascript. The app code interacts with all native components OS. So, a new product can work on all phones, smartphones and laptops with any platforms.

2. It is easy and convenient.

To work with the framework you need to practise Javascript and study Native in detail. An experienced programmer can easily create an application using this new technology. But a specialist has to know each platform requirements to write without errors.

Native is a good simple program for those who understand what they are doing and what result they are going to achieve.

3. Saving time.

Native crossplatformity and convenient tools provide a fast project realization using this framework. Also, a great number of developed community plugins simplify the process. A programmer can employ ready patterns, modules and solutions, which makes working on apps less labour-consuming.

4. Availability of all native app advantages.

Users get used to convenient, fast and simple native apps. Native developments are close to them by its appearance and features. But having the same high speed they have more understandable structure.

5. Technical support without problems.

To install updates it is not necessary to enter special markets manually. React products are automatically updated. There are no problems for customers to use earlier program versions.

Aristek Systems company will let you see the advantages of React Native Developed Apps. Basing on this framework our specialists realize customized business projects of various complexity.

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