The software operation principle is based on eliminating a repeated code. RoR allows eliminating data with the same semantic load in the program code. Using such a framework also eliminates the need for configuring. Additional extensions are used together with the framework.

Ruby Language Popularity

Over the past 2-3 years, RoR has become the best method of creating small and medium-sized web applications. Popularity is caused by its simplified and fast development. Also, this "simplification" positively affects reducing the final product price.

RoR is of particular interest in creating customized e-commerce web-applications. The language allows you to create attractive catalogs, various tools to improve the work o in the Internet.

Ruby technology will not be an alternative for enterprise-level applications. In such cases a proven Java platform is preferable. But thanks to simplifying RoR development, it is a complete replacement for PHP and Perl tools.

Professional Web Application Development

Using Ruby on Rails software architecture doesn't just involve working with the latest technologies to integrate various functions.

The powerful and easy-to-use application is also based on a critical analysis of any project requirements. IT-specialists evaluate the necessary time entry and resources consumed and select proven strategies.

Aristek Systems performs Ruby on Rails Web Application Development. The service is available for organizations and enterprises engaged in various business areas from any regions.

The company experience in ROR application development includes more than 50 successful user applications. IT outsourcing hub offers to develop:

  • social networking sites;
  • e-commerce applications;
  • business-applications;
  • web applications and products for commercial organizations.

Customers can be provided also with such services as:

  • CMS development;
  • QA, software testing;
  • technical support of the software product, system maintenance;
  • system integration.

Cooperation with IT Outsourcing Companies

  • Qualified developers whose experience in the field of software is more than 17 years.
  • Modern equipment and technologies allow creating effective RoR web applications.
  • Providing long-term solutions for a wide range of tasks.
  • Quality service, technology support.
  • Development of systems designed to meet any business needs.
  • Personal data security and privacy are guaranteed.
  • Customers participate in planning and monitoring product development processes.

Terms of service are discussed after achieving agreements and signing a contract.

You can get additional information on the phones indicated, through the website contact form or e-mail.

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