Scrum Methodology in Software Development Services

Published: May 07, 2018Updated: May 14, 2022
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Scrum Methodology in Software Development Services

Scrum is a kind of development framework within which problems arising during a project realization are solved. This is not a universal solution to all possible problems. This methodology offers an assessment but does not limit the assessment type.

Classical scrum-methodology in Software Development Services involves allocating three basic roles:

  • Product owner
    This element connect a customer and a developer. The task is to increase the product value.
  • Scrum-admin
    Removes obstacles, trains and motivates the development team, provides it with all possible support.
  • Development team
    A group of people working directly on releasing the product.

Project Stages

Scrum-methodology, like any other, is aimed at obtaining a quality product. So, the correct sequence of actions is important:

  • The product owner receives all the introductory information by creating a product log. It displays everything necessary to realize the project successfully, that is, functions, characteristics and descriptions.
  • The product log content is analyzed by the development team. The completeness of the information collected is assessed.
  • A new working product version is released within 1-4 weeks. The duration of new version development is usually constant throughout the product life.
  • Analysis is performed daily while the working product version is being created. Its task is to timely identify obstacles, determine the status and change the strategy.
  • Upon completing the development, the team actions efficiency is evaluated, and prognosis is made as to their efficiency in future.

Common Errors

Before reaching your verdict on Scrum, make sure that you have used this methodology correctly. Top 3 errors are:

  1. Scrum features are used incorrectly or incompletely.
    This methodology is characterized by a formal leader absence and usual workflow arrangement. Carefully study the theory, feel scrum advantages and only then take it into service.
  2. The development team is not motivated enough.
    Self-organization within the development team is the key scrum principle. However, according to statistics, only 15% of the working population is capable to be self-organized. Your task is to help them. Well, or at least spend more time on recruitment.
  3. Employing scrum methodology to create a product contradicting its ideology.
    The methodology under consideration allows inserting changes into the project at all stages of its development. Such an approach makes long-term planning difficult, which limits scrum usage in fixed-cost and fixed-time projects. Within scrum you can plan only the work that will be done at the current stage of development of a new working product version.
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