Maintenance Schedule Management Solution

Maintenance Schedule Management Solution AristekSystems


A mid-size software company providing telematics and vehicle management solutions for the logistics industry.

  • Location: Europe & USA
  • Industry: Logistics & Transportation
  • Client since: 2021


The Client was looking for a vendor to develop a maintenance schedule management software for logistics companies. This program was supposed to help the logistics company maintain information about the condition of vehicles, as well as monitor and manage service maintenance. Well-timed data processing and a perfectly tuned alert system are to form the basis of the product. Besides, the product should be convenient for all users involved in the fleet management process, whether a driver, manager, logistician, or agent of an insurance company. One more task for Aristek was to overcome previous negative experiences from the Client’s side regarding collaboration with another vendor.


  • Creation of a tool for convenient and automated maintenance schedule management
  • Creation of a tool for monitoring the maintenance of vehicles both in time and distance
  • Flexible system with different levels of control and access to information depending on user settings
  • Integration of the tool with software that users have already implemented
  • Reports system for different employees: drivers, mechanics, managers, etc.
  • Creation of a product ready for sale to logistics companies


Aristek Systems has established close cooperation with the Client to meet the requirements, including working with the Product Owner, bi-weekly demos, and release planning activities. To make the product both user-friendly and adaptable, our team enlarged its functionality and saved the ease of use. As a result, we developed an MVP that covers several functions:

  • Maintenance Schedule

    This component collects, stores, and processes all data regarding users’ vehicles to easily track the necessary maintenance steps. A key feature of this system is that it monitors time deadlines and distance marks to conduct the right order of the vehicle’s service works.

  • Integration with Vehicle Devices

    This option helps to get live information about vehicle parameters: mileage, fuel level, etc. Thus, all data is promptly updated and monitored by specialists appropriately.

  • Admin Panel

    This system is responsible for creating and managing client accounts and also regulates user management, with restrictions on access rights and information editing. The data about user assets, vehicle scheduling, and dashboards are also accumulated here.

  • Dashboards & Reports

    For those who want to get visual graphics and figures and systematized data on specific requests. For example, Service History reports, Service Costs, etc.

  • Work Order

    This task is implemented for setting and tracking tasks for maintenance of the fleet, for example, air filter, renewing vehicle plates, etc. When completed, the maintenance service issues an invoice for the work performed. The possibility to attach files, email and print is also provided.

  • Integration with User's Software

    The product allows the bulk upload function or remote API for more complex integrations. Also, a hybrid model, for example, when a user continues to monitor route planning with the help of his custom software, and for maintenance, tracking prefers our product, is highly welcomed.

  • Location & Geofence Maps

    Displaying the current location of transport through Google-map integration.

Tools & Technologies


  • Ruby
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic
  • Redis



  • TestUnit
  • RSpec


  • JIRA
  • Jenkins
  • GitHub
  • Docker
  • TestRail
  • BrowserStack
  • Axure
  • Figma
  • Miro
  • SES
  • S3 Bucket
  • Lambda
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Google Maps


  • August 2021

    Discussing the idea of the project, preparations for product development.

  • October 2021

    The beginning of the active development phase.

  • April 2022

    Git push + production.

  • June 2022

    Release of MVP, active sales until the next steps.


This product is a result of turnkey and top-notch specialists from different departments. The total time the team worked on the project was 7,000 hours.

The general structure of the team is:

  • x2
    Business Analysts
  • x1
    Project Manager
  • x1
    UX/UI Designer
  • x4
    Front-End Engineers
  • x4
    Back-End Engineers
  • x1
    QA Engineer
  • x2
    DevOps Engineers


Aristek met all the deadlines and requirements and operated with the client’s busy schedule to get replies on all the system-related questions. The created product was highly appreciated and approved by the client and also helped him achieve the following results:

  • Neutralization of manual routine activities for logistics company employees, minimizing the human factor’s influence on the results and speed of the working process.

  • Automated and centralized information storage and processing tasks and alerts for maintenance schedule flow.

  • Careful and safe operating of vehicles that allows to increase service life as well as reduces repair costs.
  • Prompt and smooth adaptation for users due to user-friendly settings and remote API.
  • The possibility of automatic invoice issue, reduction of paper workflow.

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