There is no doubt that digital design & development are interlinked with each other. It is like a bridge and here each pillar ultimately supports the span. And if one fails the other automatically collapse. In simpler terms, bad design can ruin well-written code and a poorly written code can kill the purpose of most sophisticated design solutions.

So, if you are a startup & looking for a flawless web application, you need to be extra careful with that. Although there are a lot of programming languages & numerous app development frameworks available in the market. Making the choice that best work for your business need could be challenging. But, you know what? Making the right decision is going to make a huge difference including saving cost & time without compromising on the security issue.

This is where Ruby on Rails comes in handy! We would strongly recommend you to opt for RoR as it is the best choice for startups. This technology was introduced almost 15 years back, using ruby programming language, but still, it is considered as the most popular server-side web framework. The disruptive technology facilities the development process in every possible manner & helps in combining numerous components of a project.

People often confuse Ruby on Rails (RoR) as a Content Management System (CMS). But let us break the ice for you, it is not a CMS but a development tool that most of the companies are now using. The question that arises here is why a business like healthcare, eLearning, eCommerce, or logistics are opting for it. The answer is simple! This framework set online business in motion. Besides, it is not only a hot trend that is charming every other developer out there but its benefits are what makes it stand out.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of Ruby on Rails that makes it a good choice for your startups:

1. Safe & Secure

When it comes to an online business, safety & security is a major concern. But with RoR, you don’t need to worry about it as it has multiple built-in safety measures. Not just this, it supports both behavior-driven development & test-driven development.

2. Cost-Effective

One of the most commonly faced issues by startups is timeline & budget. They plan to finish off the projects in a cost-effective manner & launch on time. This is where RoR comes in, it is an open-source framework that works perfectly on Linux. Moreover, it is an open-source software operating system that is free completely.

3. Easy to Maintain

Ruby on Rails is all about effective coding & reliability. The components that come along with this technology allow the development companies to enhance their overall test codes, coding styles and remove the bugs on very short notice. All of these benefits make Ruby on Rails development easy to manage & maintain. If you are thinking about where you will find the RoR developer, there are multiple waiting in the market.

4. Improves Productivity

The most amazing part of RoR is that it is short & expressive at the same time. And when RoR Development Company combines it with numerous available third-party libraries, it helps in building features quickly. Hence, it makes the RoR as one of the most productive & easy programming languages for developers.

5. Automated Tested

Obviously! You don’t want to indulge yourself in the testing process after development. All you want to do is get done with the project as soon as possible. If this is your aim RoR should be your choice. It is keen on testing & has a test automation process. On top of this, the Ruby on Rails development company tests the entire code before implementation. Not just this, to test the RoR, you do not need a third-party testing tool.

6. Full Stack Framework

Either you are working in the healthcare industry, oil & gas, or details with logistics, RoR is a full-stack framework that is suitable for almost all types of industry verticals.

What Can Be Built with Ruby on Rails?

1. FinTech Startup

Many of the entrepreneurs engaged in financial technologies projects are not aware of the applicability of Ruby on Rails in this sector. However, it is very useful & provides the users with ease in every possible manner. The RoR framework allows you to efficient & effectively cope with major development challenges of the Fintech app. Not just this, it helps in delivering a successful project without any flaw. All you need to do is find an expert from the market that falls under your budget.

If you are still not sure whether it is being used or not. Don’t worry we have some examples for you.

2. Ecommerce App

Ruby on Rails has taken over almost all the industries. And when you hear the context involving both RoR & eCommerce, Shopify must be the first thing that comes to your mind. RoR in eCommerce app provides an eCommerce orientated ecosystem with dedicated gems, customer management system & fully functional eCommerce. There are multiple eCommerce apps that have used RoR including Brandless, Etsy, Instacart & many more.

3. Healthcare Application

When it comes to healthcare applications, it is necessary to communicate correct information to every department. Almost all the hospitals, whether small or big opt for software applications to keep the track of the records. And RoR here plays an essential role. It is the best technology for rapid application development as the code is very precise & written in a few lines. Not just this, it has a huge library, system support with active community support.

4. Communication-Oriented App

Did you know, Twitter was built initially with RoR? However, after a few years, the app pivoted from a traditional web framework to a distributed message broadcasting system. Examples of the communication-oriented apps include Dribbble & Basecamp.

The list does not end here, the technology Ruby on Rails has already taken over almost all the sectors or you can say industries.

Final Words!!!

Ruby on Rails is not only an easy & stable programming language. But it contributes to the constant development of other technologies as well. Moreover, companies that used RoR admit the influence on other platforms like PHP, Java, Node.js & more. So, if you wish to have perfection in your apps & want to stay ahead of the competitors optimize your tools of app development with the dependency management system, preprocessors, template engines & others.

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