Web Communication: Improving Customer Service

Published: July 31, 2018Updated: May 17, 2022
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Web Communication: Improving Customer Service

Web communication can improve your customer service, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and benefit clients, employees and your business. Technological change has been rapid and alongside this support training has improved via the use of web based communications and video chat.

Businesses are now expected to provide advanced customer service and this article covers some of the key developments in technology to help you keep up with this trend.

Keep in Touch with Customers

Companies are competing with each other for customers — no matter how good you are there is always another business offering the same product or service so you must go above and beyond to make sure your customer gets the very best experience. If not, they may well move on to one of your competitors. Major companies worldwide are considering customer experience paramount with corresponding investment in customer services. Collecting customer feedback and working to improve relationships are key to the success of a business and need to become part of the daily routine.

Improving Customer Experience Using Web Technologies

Modern communications have been a major benefit to businesses and can allow contact with customers in multiple ways and we will discuss these here.

Call Centers

Call centers are familiar to us all and play a vital role in providing a natural way for the customer to contact a business. The customer has a human interaction which assists with bills, balance and general information. There are may different forms of call center allowing a variety of business-customer interactions to take place.

Free Consultations

These are often used by Software Development organizations to give a potential customer an idea of the benefits of a particular application, while the customer can assess the suitability of the consultant or specialist for their particular project. Consultants can use online communication apps like WhatsApp or others to conduct personal discussions with potential customers who in turn get a good indication of the costs and benefits of a particular service.

Social Networking

Social networks are a popular way for customers to contact a business for information and to give feedback so making sure your channel is effective is a key way to improve customer retention.

Live Chats/Messengers

A great way to increase customer satisfaction is to use online Live Chats where they can contact specific company departments directly from the website. A chat bot can help initially by responding to keywords, answer common questions and then transfer to an employee where needed. Quick access to answers and relevant human interaction can help reduce friction by eliminating the need for the customer to repeat their problem several times before reaching the correct individual.

WebRTC Based Video Chats

Online video communications are a natural way to chat to customers however, so it is worth taking the time to find a technology that does not rely on installing a separate app but can be used directly on a web browser and across multiple devices. WebRTC is perfect for this and eliminates the need for multiple messenger functionality business-side or for the customer to install specific apps.

In summary, customer service impact can be increased without the need for huge investments thereby ensuring that the customer receives a quick, simple and seamless experience when contacting your organization. Utilizing specialists to provide the latest up-to-date technology keeps you on trend and accessible and acts to reduce costs and increase rewards.

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