Set a Goal

The first step is to set a goal and take an honest look at any problematic areas. It may be something like changing a process you have been using for many years, or looking at areas of high labour-intensity. You may find a lack of data integration caused by working on multiple systems is a problem. In fact, data management is one of the challenges in modern business. Some processes may be suitable for automation if data use is more efficient rather than wasting time on a manual approach. Keep in mind that problems are challenges that will give you an opportunity to think about CRM adoptions, your goals and how you will implement them.

Some of the key goals for CRM are:

1. Customer Satisfaction

  • Keeping the customer front and centre by enhancing customer service.
  • Intelligent Data harnessing — using the data you collect more efficiently and ethically.
  • Seamless integration — In order to obtain a single customer view your CRM must provide consistent integration.
  • Optimizing workflow — Achievable via automated business processing.

2. Identify Data Hygiene Problems

It may be time to accept that your CRM may be failing. Taking time to clean up data, removing duplicate data and identifying problem areas will make for more efficient implementation of data mapping as your developer team can then access the data.

3. Speed of Implementation Relies on Adherence to Best Practice

CRM adoption leads to business transformation so everyone in the organisation needs to be involved from the CEO to the administrative assistant. Without this level of buy-in your CRM will be little more than a fancy – and very expensive – spreadsheet.

Regular communication throughout the organisations will keep people abreast of developments, timescales and how changes will be rolled out. Platform Ambassadors can be used to assist adoption by working with team members who may have problems adjusting to the new technology.

Alongside engaging your own employees it is important to bring on board professions who can fill any skill gap you may have in-house. They can make sure the foundation of the CRM is good and train your staff in its use. This is going to be a long project so choosing the right partner to implement the CRM is highly important.

Stay Ambitious – Be Opening to Learning

Taking the time to define your own pain points will make the CRM Implementation quicker because you can work at specifically eliminating them. Professional consultants should be used where needed to efficiently integrate the CRM with existing internal systems and assist in developing a good adoption strategy.

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