Five Notable Examples Of Businesses Integrating Into The Metaverse

Published: October 07, 2022Updated: October 12, 2022
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Five Notable Examples Of Businesses Integrating Into The Metaverse

The Metaverse is no longer just a buzzword. We have seen some active use cases where various companies have leveraged the Metaverse to communicate a type of service to consumers. These use cases range from luxury items and virtual land ownership to virtual concerts. A certain demographic has started to use this space actively, and brands understand this. What does this say about your business? It would be in the interest of your business to find a way to tap into the Metaverse early enough. But what signs can you look for, and are there any businesses that have already begun to explore the uncharted territory of the Metaverse? Yes, there are, but before we look at these prominent examples, it would be helpful to review the Metaverse.

What Is The Metaverse?

In the simplest of terms, the Metaverse refers to a virtual world where users can replicate real-life actions, including socializing, working, trading, playing games, and more.

It is built using virtual and augmented reality technology with other key technologies like artificial intelligence and 3D modeling. It is also considered by many as the future of the internet. Some companies have taken the bold step of venturing into this space to secure customers for themselves and make their marks as pioneers of the Metaverse.

Five Companies That Are Venturing Into The Metaverse

Some companies have seen the immense advantages that the Metaverse holds. These companies have begun to position themselves to gain the needed advantage in this new world. Here are five examples of businesses that are doing just that.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has a long tradition of both luxury and excellence, and the company has grasped the bull by the horns by entering this market. They created a game to honor the founder on the occasion of his 200th birthday. Vivienne, a mascot designed by the brand monogram, is the protagonist of this video game. She explores the digital world and travels to various exciting locations worldwide to find collectible NFT candles. Players can gather 30 different NFTs, ten created by Beeple, the artist whose digital collage was auctioned off as an NFT at Christie’s for $69.3 million. The lighting of each candle reveals a new chapter in the adventures of Louis and his family.

Louis Vuitton’s move to enter the gaming industry in the Metaverse comes at a reasonable time. Why gaming? Since Louis Vuitton is a fashion brand, many wonder why they would venture into the gaming industry. Earthweb noted that the gaming industry in 2022 will be worth more than 300 billion dollars. With the expansion of the Metaverse and the prevalence of gaming in it, this industry is not stopping its growth anytime soon.


When one of the world’s oldest and most consistent brand names decides to step into the Metaverse, you know something is going down. Coca-cola did not just jump into the Metaverse with some shabby project; they did so with style. In 2021 Coca-cola made its debut into the Metaverse through Decentraland and auctioned off a collection of NFTs. They Partnered with Tafi to design their NFTs, some of which were virtual wearables. Also, there was the Coca-Cola friendship box, a spinoff of the company’s precious NFT vending machines. When opened, the package reveals a Friendship Card based on trading cards from the 1940s, a Sound Visualizer that evokes the shared experience of drinking Coca-Cola, and a futuristic Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable. They even went beyond fashion, bringing their drinks into the Metaverse. The name of their beverage is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. Then, they created the Pixel Point world in Fortnite Creative. In this environment, players can play games and sample various virtual flavors.


Gucci, like Louis Vuitton, has also staked its claim to a space in the Metaverse. Still, they are doing it uniquely, partnering with ROBLOX to create an immersive world following the unveiling of Garden Archetypes. Named the Gucci Garden, this space is a virtual garden where you come in with your avatar, turning into a mannequin. Each mannequin absorbs different aspects from each room. You then move from one room to the other, as your mannequin takes in particular elements of each room, and at the end of the exhibition, you have a unique character.


So many industries are staking their claim on the Metaverse, and it seems like Hyundai represents the automobile industry. They made their first foray into the Metaverse using the game route. Hyundai developed a game called «Hyundai Mobility Adventure» staged on the ROBLOX Metaverse platform. Their Idea goes beyond a simple game as they have said that the game is a glimpse of how transportation could be shaped in the Metaverse. They also have ambitious plans allowing reality to influence the Metaverse and vice versa.

Full Stack Food Technology, A Multi-Kitchen Delivery Company

This Arab company is opening up people to experience food choice opportunities via the Metaverse. It helps aggregate a group of kitchens on one Metaverse platform and allows customers many choices. As coca-cola represents the soda industry, so is this company representing the food and beverage industry.

Dive Deeper Into The Case

Innovative Metaverse Food Court Solution

How Can You Do The Same With Your Business?

If you are interested in integrating your business with the Metaverse, you must follow through on some steps:

  • Acquire knowledge: Look into the companies currently building successful Metaverse projects and what their target is. Study the platforms also building the technologies of the Metaverse;
  • Examine your business offer: Do you have actionable solutions for people on the Metaverse?;
  • Locate the right platform: Some platforms are much more suitable for some types of services than others. Do a thorough study of the various Metaverse platforms available and find one that suits your services best;
  • Keep your eyes on emerging technologies: Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are not divorced from the Metaverse. In some cases, they become inseparable from some Metaverse platforms, worth paying attention to;
  • Work with a reliable developing agency: To get the best out of the Metaverse, you must work with a competent development team with knowledge in the right areas.

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The Metaverse falls into the future tech, but the proper positioning could be the difference between businesses left behind and businesses that thrive. To better position your business for the Metaverse, you will need a team of experienced developers, and Aristek provides that team. At Aristek, we have a pool of skilled developers who know their craft and are competent in developing for the Metaverse.

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