The transfer from flat to 3d-images is due to the capability of the latter to depict the finest details of an object. A customer can see a textured and geometrically verified object in its real size, shape and colour. 3d-Modeling Services provider easily realizes projects of non-existent products in reality and implements them in practice.

There are the following reasons for employing 3d objects in business:

  • Decrease of expenses
    A computer model replaces a prototype to pass through testing, checking and expertises.
  • Complete replication of a real object
    The object obtained due to printing on the 3d-printer is identical to a real one. It can be demonstrated to a customer, consulted on usage and shown as an example of the output production in trading platforms
  • Increased visual perception
    Presenting products using 3d-modeling are effective, impressive and realistic. Visualization of such projects attracts customers and sponsors.

The financial benefit of employing 3d-object is obvious. They are dynamic and accessible for inspection from any side, which allows evaluating its identity with a real product. When there are a lot of components, a producer can easily check an object construction yet at the stage of projecting a future product, insert corrections and evaluate technical parameters.

Requirements to 3d-Models

Not all images created in the appropriate program suit for 3d-printing. There are special requirements to 3d-models, they should be observed when developing a project. Before creating a 3d-object a customer has to determine:

  • What material an image will be printed. Its type defines maximum and minimum drawing size, wall thickness and distance between elements.
  • Single or multicolour image.
  • File format: STL and WRL.

3d-modeling services include:

  • creating 3d-image: all elements and arrangement;
  • printing the model on the printer observing the parameters set;
  • video-presentation and demonstration of how an object works.

Common Errors When Printing 3d-Models

3d-model development and creation require a contractor to be especially careful. Missing any details can lead to printing defects or equipment failure.

The following errors can happen when working with 3d-images:

  • Normals are wrongly oriented (they have to be outside).
  • Mesh with holes. 3d-models are always “pressurized”. If a plane is missing, an object is unacceptable for printing.
  • Presence of internal walls.
  • Shared edge. Only two planes are attached to one edge. If there are more, an error appears.
  • Crossing planes. The program can’t sort out the number of layers, which leads to incorrect reproduction.

Professional programmers will help avoid errors in 3d-modeling. Company Aristek Systems has good theoretical and practical knowledge of creating 3d-models, their designing and implementing int business-processes.

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