Boosting Your Software Development Project: Hire a Developer Engineer in Test

Published: January 30, 2019Updated: June 10, 2022
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Boosting Your Software Development Project: Hire a Developer Engineer in Test

Having a software engineer in test is one of the major boosts in project development and is essential, particularly for large projects. Their ability to write code and assess for bugs and errors is vital for saving time, money and reducing stress in software development.In addition, your reputation is protected by ensuring that only high quality products get to the marketplace.

How Developer Engineers Assist the Software Development Life Cycle

A manager must have a good understanding of the software development life cycle (SDLC) in order to appreciate how each team member fits in to the project, helps meet goals and identify any potential problem areas. In addition, they can more accurately predict when the project will be completed and how much it will cost.

The SDLC contains 5 main steps:

Step 1: Identify a customer need/gap in the market.

Step 2: Team meets to discuss concept and proposal to meet the gap.

Step 3: Involve stakeholders and seek specialist external help to ascertain the feasibility of your project.

Step 4: Develop a strategy for building and testing.

Step 5: Recruit outsourced staff to begin the build and testing of your product.

At step 5 the inclusion of a software developer engineer in the test team can streamline the tests and make sure the product is perfect when it reaches the consumer.

What Is the Role/Responsibilities of the Software Developer Engineer?

When including a software development in the test team you will speed up the development cycle and make it more efficient. A software developer engineer that specializes in test will make sure that problems are being sought out and dealt with early. They exhibit a depth of knowledge in software processes in excess of that found in normal employees.

The role of Software Developer Engineer in Test started in Microsoft in their QA processes to stop bugs appearing in product software roll-outs. This was a small investment compared to the amount of benefits in terms of profit and reputation.

Where a software test engineer debug software using slow, manual methods, a software developer engineer in test will focus on automating the entire process. In addition to test automation the engineer must be able to take onboard complaints and concerns and write programs to identify and fix these.

Customer Focused

The focus of a software developer engineer is always the customer. The engineer will advocate for the user during critical parts of development and this will also assist the wider team to give more thought to the customer’s needs.

They See the Bigger Picture

These specialist engineers have a good understanding of the development cycle, how code works and how they can manipulate the code to fix any problems that may occur. This knowledge far exceeds that of manual software testers.

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Where to Recruit High-Quality Software Developer Engineer in Tests

If you work with a good quality IT company to outsource your development needs it is likely that they will have their own software developer engineer in tests. It can be difficult to recruit these highly sought-after individuals internally so the best course of action is to use an IT outsourcing company with a good reputation. If you discuss your specific needs with them they can often find a suitable engineer that will meet these needs.

If you’re looking for a company that provides quality assurance and other software development servicescontact us.

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