Benefits of Ruby on Rails Web Development The system approach is the basis for developing a site. Programmers choose a “hood” due to the web-project type, nature and goals. Ruby on Rails software is quite often used while creating Internet-products. More

Software Maintenance and Support Software assists in optimizing business processes at all company development stages. Customized systems help reduce expenses (time and financial), expand activities and improve analytical procedures. More

Data Analysis and Data Warehouse Developing business means constant collecting, processing and storing information. Its volume is permanently increasing, which requires implementing new analysis systems. IT-specialists are developing robust software products which can perform complex analytical operations with big data. More

System Integration: ERP and CRM Systems 90% of companies are engaged in selling or providing services. Both options of doing business envisage constant communicating with customers. System integration services enable them to analyze the communication process, accelerate interconnections and create close contacts. More

Application Development Software Doing business or running a state company involves monitoring internal processes. Information technologies help optimize such activities. Application development solutions are a popular way to improve the work of a company. More

Why Custom Software Development Is Important for the Company’s Success? Who needs custom development software and why? These questions are usually asked by users of standard systems released by specialists to simplify activities of most companies and organizations. However, the internal arrangement differs from one company to another. More

What Is Software Outsourcing? If you have an out-of-date standard software or you don’t have any, it is high time to install new systems. Customized software allows optimizing company activities. More

QA engineer
Quality Assurance (QA) Essentials There is a difference in doing the job and doing it right. In custom software development, quality assurance (QA) specialists make sure that the product does exactly what the customer wanted and can handle the real-life load. This article will tell you about the different aspects of QA services, how they can be used, and which benefits they can bring. More

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