Database System Development Stored Procedure Managing app resources is based on using databases. Named database program objects are called stored procedures. These are independent subprograms performed on servers. They are built, stored in databases and retrieved from clients’ apps. More

Distributed Database Design and Replication Distributed systems are getting more and more complicated, they suggest solving ambitious tasks and processing big data. Information should be relevant and exact, therefore, distributed applications are of great significance. More

Interactive Content Development Compared to traditional publications, interactive content is more expensive. But marketers consider that benefits of such a site filling are much more important. Interactive content allows users to enjoy, gives them a chance to get answers to their questions. The effect of entertainment is more important for most users than meaningful content. More

Netsuite Integration with Salesforce The current company state analysis often makes their chiefs start optimizing all internal processes. Famous IT-system developers have created universal programs to solve such tasks. The most common ones are Netsuite and Salesforce. More

Full Software Development Life Cycle Software development is a challenging and multistage process. Each stage of creating a new product has its own tasks to be determined by a programmer to achieve the goals set. Full life cycle of software development consists of 6 stages. More

Post-Production Processes A customer readily perceives interesting visual information. That is why video commercials are increasingly used to promote business. Short films help present a company and its work principles, show products or services, thus it is possible to influence potential customers. More

JS React Development for Desktops and Mobile Devices Efficient and productive apps serve business people as additional mechanisms for optimizing their work. After JS React has appeared in the market developers have acquired wide opportunities for creating customized users’ interfaces. New Facebook product is actively used to write “clean” mobile apps to update business-processes, improve connections with customers and offer them new ways of cooperation. More

Web Based Information Systems Development for Business Information technologies help promote and develop business. Web based information systems are the most frequently used ones. The widespread way to economize resources and keep on fruitful company work is to install programs, apps and other IT-products that do not require any space on the computer hard drive disk. More

Native Development for Desktops and Mobile Devices Facebook has recently launched an open source framework React Native that can be used to develop mobile apps. The new platform allows writing hybrid programs for iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform, and they look like native ones. More

Benefits of PHP Symfony Development PHP Symfony is a popular framework for developing business-solutions. It is selected for websites, large marketplaces by both experienced company leaders and market beginners. Why is it to employ this open source creation when making IT-products and services? More

Structure of Database
Database Systems Solutions Any company has to collect, store and analyze big data. Information technologies help optimize these processes. Databases are a robust way to collect and store structured materials. More

Features of 3D Modeling 3d-modeling services are widely used in various spheres of people’s activities: industry, medicine, construction and information technology. 3d-images printed on the special printer are becoming effective tools to promote products and services in the markets. More

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