Serverless Apps are now supported by Next.js 8 Next.js is a JavaScript and React framework which is used for building server-rendered apps. Using JavaScript and the React UI libraries, Next.js has now added serverless capabilities in the version 8 release. More

Improving Performance of ASP.Net Core Applications Speed is a key feature of ASP.Net framework so you need to make sure you maximize its performance to get the best out of your ASP.Net applications. The framework runs on Windows, Linux and Mac and allows you to build fast applications that consume minimal resources. Here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of your ASP.Net core apps. More

Should We Care About Cloud Performance? Although many people may think that performance issues are not part of the cloud, they still exist and need to be dealt with. It is a common misconception that when applications and data were placed on the cloud that all of the performance issues they may have had simply vanished. More

Giving Great Customer Service Using Chatbots Chatbots are the rising star in customer services with these virtual assistants appearing all over the internet, providing a reactive, efficient customer interface. However, despite their popularity, unless the chatbot makes the customer experience more positive they won’t fulfil their potential and could end up costing you money and reputation. More

Project Management: 7 Best Mobile Apps If you’re a project manager you’ll appreciate how important having top of the range management tools to hand are to help you keep the team moving forward. However, these days you also need to keep mobile. Here are some of the best mobile apps out there to help you meet all your project management goals. More

Project Management: Quick Tips to Stop Budget Overrun Keeping within budget is one of the key measures of success when it comes to project management. Most companies do not have unlimited funds so controlling the budget is a key way of keeping the stakeholders happy. We have compiled 5 basic tips to help you stop the dreaded budget overrun. More

Project Management: What is a Scrum Master? Scrum Managers are enjoying a hike in demand as companies look to become more agile. Here we take a look at what the Scrum Master does, where to go to get certified and how opportunities in the field continue to grow. More

IT Roles: What is a Product Manager? The role of the Product Manager is to develop an understanding of the market, customers and how much demand there is for a product, service or software. During a project their main role is as the go-to person, and they need to be able to maintain a balance between the input, feedback and concerns of multiple departments, users, management, clients and stakeholders. More

Computer Science Degrees – Reasons to Ignore Them Computer Science is the combination of amazing technology and intellectualism. Both have brought great advances, so it is surprising that combining the two hasn’t lived up to its early promise. Alongside the wonderful new programming languages, search algorithms and so on, CS theories are seldom needed or used in real world situations. More

Salesforce Implementation – Planning to User Adoption in 6 Steps Salesforce claims that most customers get a 37% average increase in revenue with a quality Salesforce installation so good planning and implementation are vital. These 6 steps will help get the best outcome for your company. More

Software Product Development – a Detailed Guide Software development is very specific and particular attention is needed at key points during product development. In this article we detail what these are and their impact. More

Sales Process Automation Automating sales processes increases productivity in sales, provides valuable data insights, and increases the overall efficiency of the sale team. This article shows how automating sales processes helps various types of business. More

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