Revamp Your Performance With Our Expert Back-End Development Services

Revamp Your Performance With Our Expert Back-End Development Services

Revamp Your Performance With Our Expert Back-End Development Services

Back end is the behind-the-scenes foundation for all software. Back end solutions handle business logic, server data, APIs, and all user requests. Quality back end is seamless. It runs smoothly, stores your data securely, and scales. Keep your clients loyal with a trusted back end development company.

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Back-End Services That We Offer

Looking for back-end experts? We’ve got you covered.

Custom Back-End Development

We build custom web software from SEO-friendly websites to enterprise-level applications.


Looking to hire back-end developers? Expand your team with experienced developers or hire a dedicated team for your project.

Database Design

Store data efficiently. Reduce costs, increase security, and improve data quality with custom database design.

Unlock The Full Potential With Our Cutting-Edge Back-End Development Technologies

Unlock The Full Potential With Our Cutting-Edge Back-End Development Technologies

Unlock The Full Potential With Our Cutting-Edge Back-End Development Technologies

Our Signature Projects

Staff Augmentation For An eLearning Company

Staff Augmentation For An eLearning Company

Staff Augmentation For An eLearning Company

The client needed a team of back-end developers. They had a project written in Perl, and we needed to quickly rebuilt it with .NET. That’s why our developers had to be proficient at both back-end technologies.

Back-end technologies used:

  • .Net;
  • Perl.
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Maintenance Schedule Management Solution

Maintenance Schedule Management Solution

Maintenance Schedule Management Solution

We built a system to track vehicle maintenance for logistics companies. We automated the routine tasks, so employees can spend their time more productively. Now it’s easy to keep track of maintenance for hundreds of vehicles.

Back-end technologies used:

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Custom eLearning Web Platform

Custom eLearning Web Platform

Custom eLearning Web Platform

We built an educational platform that connects students and teachers. With our platform, students can study and track their progress.

Back-end technologies used:

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Offered Back-End Technologies

Boost Your Business Efficiency With Aristek's Back-End Development Solutions


A server-side scripting language that is perfect for web development. In 2023, 78% of websites use PHP. Here’s what we can do for you.


Develop a small blog or a large eCommerce web application. PHP works great at all scales.


PHP is one of the most prominent technologies out there. 78% of websites use PHP in 2023.


PHP has a huge community with lots of resources available. This makes development cheaper and easier.

PHP Symphony

Develop complex web applications with the PHP framework.


Platforms like Magento, Laravel, and Drupal are built on top of Symfony components. Google and Facebook have SDKs with Symfony components in them.


Symfony provides built-in components that make development faster, keeping your costs low.


Components, dependency injection, and a built-in caching system make it easy to scale up your app as the business grows.

Ruby On Rails

The most popular Ruby framework out there.


Ruby on Rails adds structure and organization to Ruby. With Rails, developers can add or remove features on the go.


With Rails, the developers can work faster and with smaller teams. This keeps your costs low.


While developers can work fast with Rails, they are still in control. Get a custom app with all the features you need.

Node JS

Develop real-time applications with this JavaScript runtime environment.


Server-side apps keep sensitive data away from the browser. This makes it harder for attackers to access it.


Node JS is perfect for chats, online games, and other services that require real-time functionality. This is because web apps built on Node JS can perform multiple tasks at once.


Web applications made with Node.js are fast and efficient, which makes it great for search engine ranking.


Build powerful and secure projects with a classic framework developed by Microsoft.


.Net has built-in tools and components to develop web, desktop, and mobile apps.


Products like Windows, MS Office, or Azure integrate well with .NET. The framework was developed by Microsoft, so it goes great with MS products.


.NET has been around since 2002. All this time the developers have been building tools and APIs to make the framework extra secure and stable.

Database Technologies


For small and medium size databases that are easy to set up and manage.


When you need a database with advanced features like transactions, advanced data types, and data integrity.


For enterprise-level databases with highly secure data.


When you need a distributed NoSQL database that can handle a large amount of data across many commodity servers.

Mongo DB

When your app deals with unstructured data like text, images, or videos. Great for content, logistics data, etc.

Other SQL & NoSQL Databases

Need another database technology? We can quickly hire experts from +100,000 database.


When should I choose Ruby on Rails for my project?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is perfect for startups because of its rapid development features and lots of available libraries. With RoR the developers can get your MVP up-and-running quickly and with minimum expenses.

It’s also great for content-heavy applications, like LMS, CMS, or e-commerce platforms. All thanks to MVC architecture and wide built-in database support.

We can take a closer look at your project and find out the right tech for your specific project. Reach out to get a free consultation.

What’s the difference between PHP and PHP Symfony?

PHP is a scripting language widely used in web development. Developers usually use it with a framework or library, like Symfony or Laravel.

PHP Symfony is a framework built on top of PHP. It provides a set of components that add more structure to web development. Symfony expands PHP and makes it great for complex enterprise projects.

Our developers are great at both. Get in touch to learn which backend solutions are best for your project.

Which backend framework do I need?

It depends on your project and the programming language. Rails, PHP, Symfony, Node JS, or .NET can all be a good choice.

We can analyze your project to find you the right technology. Reach out to get a free consultation.

When can you start the development?

We can start right away.

Typically, we begin at the discovery phase. At this stage, we study your goals and analyze the market to make sure that your product will be top notch.

If you already have your software requirements and technical data sheets ready, we can start delivering our backend development services.

How much do backend solutions cost?

The price depends on your project. We calculate the price based on how many hours it takes to finish a backend solution.

To cut costs, most of our developers are located in a tech hub in Europe. The abundance of tech talent, great IT infrastructure, and friendly business environment keep our prices low.

Get in touch to receive price estimates.

Can I hire developers for my project?

Sure. We offer two models of outstaffing:

  • Hire individual developers through staff augmentation.
  • Hire dedicated teams for your project.
  • Do you sign an NDA?

    Yes. As a reliable backend company, we sign an NDA to protect your privacy.

    How to choose a back-end development company?

    Think about your business needs and make a list of software development companies. Compare their expertise and prices. Try to validate their claims and check the company’s reputation.

    See if they are interested in your end business goals. The more questions they ask, the better.

    Being a back-end development company ourselves, we are a bit biased here. Still, we are an ISO certified company. We’ve had 80+ projects and we still support many of them. Feel free to check our reviews to learn more about us.

    Do you have more questions?

    Do you have more questions?