Hire Ruby On Rails Developers For Building eLearning Systems

Hire Ruby On Rails Developers For Building eLearning Systems

Published: December 21, 2021Updated: October 04, 2022
Hire Ruby On Rails Developers For Building eLearning Systems

Aristek Systems has years of experience with creating effective eLearning solutions for both traditional educational institutions as well as for SMBs and large corporations. Aristek Systems maintains both on and offshore RoR development teams. Based on our experience and the developed IT Outstaffing Maturity model, we guide our clients to make the right choice. We match customer’s needs and the developers based on more than 25 criteria.

eLearning & EdTech Solutions

At Aristek Systems, we accurately evaluate your requirements and industry specifics to come up with a fully-featured eLearning development solution corresponding to your needs. Our solutions comply with OneRoster, LTI, QTI, Ed-Fi, and other standards to enable interoperability between various educational systems and enhance data security. From simple eLearning portals to complex administration software, our engineers build the functionality that delivers value to your users. Types of Ruby on Rails eLearning Solutions we offer:

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Educational Portals

Custom Learning Experience Platforms

Corporate Learning Software

Talent Management & Certification

Management & Administration Solutions

eLearning Development Services We Provide

eLearning Development Services We Provide
  • Outsourcing

    We are proud to offer our clients an exclusive agreement for outsourcing IT services. Our contract with you for eLearning development covers a Statement of Work to include the project scope and requirements, delivery time frames, and the number of developers to complete the project. In addition eLearning development services, we can also provide project management, business analysts, and quality assurance engineers to further support the development of your custom eLearning project.
  • Outstaffing

    With our top-notch outstaffing services, you can hire senior and middle RoR developers for your team who will work full-time on your project. You can find the right talent for your company at Aristek Systems and create innovative eLearning solutions with us. Our staffing model can help you build out your dream team by working directly with recruiters and your human resources staff to find the right resources.

Benefits You Get With Our Dedicated RoR Development Team

Lower Overhead

You will have your own remote Ruby on Rails developers located in Eastern Europe and at a significantly lower cost in comparison to your locale’s market rates, including costs related to time and materials. We take care of all the administrative overhead of building and managing a team, including recruiting, HR, payroll, accounting, local management, and the whole infrastructure.

Finding Top Talent

You benefit from a quick and simple workforce augmentation because you are not limited by candidates from your city. You get top talent hand-picked for your project from a global pool of skills. Aristek as an outsourcing vendor finds the right specialists to meet your requirements, which benefits you by avoiding the expensive recruitment process, thus saving you time and resources.

Transparent & Competitive Rates

Each dedicated RoR developer will work at a fixed monthly cost, with no hidden expenses. Final monthly fees will be calculated after all your requirements including needed developers’ profiles are agreed upon. Our monthly cost is constructed in the way that you benefit in the long term (12+ months)! Just contact us and we will give you more details.

Full Control & Easy Management

You will have full control over RoR software programmers. You decide when to increase or decrease the size of your team. You are also free to direct bonus or salary increases to developers based on merit. Our team provides continuous reporting so that you are always aware of the project’s progress, development schedules, and deliverable. The entire development process is transparent to you but does not require constant attention, saving you time.

Adaptability & 100% Dedication

You can reconfigure a RoR development team at any stage of your project based on the current project requirements, budget adjustments, or market performance. So you truly get what you pay for and it’s the key to a successful and mutually beneficial collaboration that will last for years. The remote team is 100% dedicated to your project.

Regular Feedback

The outsourcing vendor assigns a project manager who sets up communication between you and the dedicated team, reports and gives you feedback regularly. So you are always aware of the current situation and progress. This streamlined and frequent communication allows you to stay in full control without spending time on direct development management.

Our Business Delivery Models

Our Business Delivery Models
  • Nearshore

    With the nearshore delivery model, we will send our experienced Ruby developersto your nearby location. Contact us to discuss all the required details about your eLearning project so that we can develop technical solutions together.
  • Offshore

    With our offshore delivery model, you can implement innovative tech products without needing to spend money on travel expenses and taxes. At Aristek Systems, our junior and senior RoR developers will create top-notch eLearning solutions remotely and on time. Our teams are available for daily and weekly discussions. Our global presence allows us to work across time zones, including the US-West and Japan. We guarantee our developers to have at least two to five hours of online time with our clients.

Get in Touch with Our RoR Outstaffing Expert

Why Choose RoR Outstaffing for eLearning?

Our clients choose to outstaff developers for the following reasons:

Lack of skilled resources & internal experience in‑house

Flexibility — outstaff only when needed for a project

Cost & Time savings — only keep staff for duration of a project

Focus on strategy

Improved follow-up & Technological progress

Decrease in risk & Increase in accuracy

Benefit from Seamless Communication with Our English‑Speaking RoR Developers!

Benefit from Seamless Communication with Our English‑Speaking RoR Developers!

How To Set Up & Manage RoR Dedicated Team

Requirements Gathering

Our engagements begin with gathering your requirements, which means researching and documenting the project’s exact details. They usually include a project description, the required tech skills, a preferable team size, and preferences for organizing and managing a workflow.

Team Assembling

According to your requirements, our recruitment specialists look for candidates both within the company pool and in the job market. HR managers working together with our Senior Technical and Management staff, select candidates that are the best-fit for your project. You can Skype/Zoom/phone interview team members and decide whom to hire from the best available professionals. A trial period is provided for any new developer.

Workflow Management

It is necessary to guide new team members when onboarding them to a new team. We recommend using tools to track productivity such as Jira and Trello.

Regular Communication

Regular communication leads to faster and improved business-driven results. During regularly scheduled meetings, you can verify what the team has accomplished, what they plan for the next few days, and identify any problems they may face. If you are from the USA, we agree on overlapping hours when you can communicate with developers using email, Skype, phone, online conference, etc.

Feedback & Reporting

Our dedicated developers will report directly to you. They will use the project management tools you prefer, or we can provide access to our own tools. This gives you 100% transparency in development processes i.e. no unnecessary people in your project, and an understanding of every person’s effectiveness. Also, giving you feedback regularly guides the team in the correct direction.

Successful Release & Results

Now you have a team of specialists working full-time on your project under your management. You assess the first results and give your feedback. Customers who hire our dedicated teams achieve their goals, release great products, and leave us positive reviews (4,8/5 according to Clutch and in-house client surveys).

Featured Project

Staff Augmentation for an eLearning Company

Staff Augmentation for an eLearning Company

Staff Augmentation for an eLearning Company

Aristek quickly put together a dedicated team and increased the customer’s development velocity by 20%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hiring a dedicated team more cost-effective than building an internal software development?

Surveys suggest that businesses save up to 70% by working with a dedicated team. Remote teams do not require as many resources as in-house staff. You save on hiring new personnel and setting up the project. Also, you cut costs related to building and managing a team, yet you still maintain control of your project.

What skills should Rails developers have?

The core skills of a seasoned RoR developer should encompass a solid proficiency in syntax and object-oriented programming, libraries, front-end technologies such as JavaScript and HTML, and familiarity with BDD or TDD, including automated testing and continuous integration and delivery.

How can I evaluate a RoR developer’s competence?

You can assess the professional experience of a RoR developer by screening their CVs and portfolios. Also at the interviewing stage, don’t forget to ask about RoR elements such as RoR fundamentals and automating testing.

What pricing model should I choose for my Ruby on Rails team?

Aristek uses two pricing models — Time & Material (T&M) or Dedicated Team Model. T&M model is suitable for small, medium and long-term contracts. It’s a very flexible approach where we charge only those hours we perform. If you have a goal to build a dedicated team for 12+ months (usually 3+ years we would say), the best is DT model, where you have fixed costs for each team member and each one is dedicated for you as a full-time employee and under your management.

How are Ruby developers onboarded?

At Aristek Systems, the onboarding process of RoR developers is different for outstaffing and outsourcing services. In the first case, a client signs an NDA (when deemed necessary). The client provides information about the project and its details as part of the NDA and supplementally, in a statement of work.

During the last step, it’s important to share access to documentation, disclose organizational processes, and acquaint a RoR developer with the team.

In the outsourcing model, the onboarding process is implemented once we find the required number of RoR developers for a project. After that, a client shares information about its workflow and deadlines.

Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

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