Spring Boot vs Spring

Spring Boot allows them to get started rapidly because there is no need to learn how to work with XML configuration files or annotations. It is a lot more user-friendly than the old framework.

The main features of Spring Boot include:

  • Auto-configuration of Spring applications.
  • Standalone – you can start the app using a run command without the need to deploy it on to a web server.
  • Opinionated – it will decide on the defaults you need to configure and automatically pick any packages you need to run the dependencies.

Why Developers Love Spring Boot

Spring Boot uses the programming language Java, which is one of the most popular. Developers like the speed with which you can get a quality application up and run rapidly without messing around configuring it first. It has a large user community too, education is easy to obtain and understand and there is always help out there.

The other key benefits of Spring Boot include:

  • Less development time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Auto-configuration of Spring.
  • Easy creation and testing of Java-based applications.
  • No need for writing lots of code.
  • No need for annotations or XML configuration.
  • Has HTTP servers embedded to web test apps.
  • Multiple available plugins – Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.
  • Remote access to the app for admin support.

There are some disadvantages to using SpringBoot including:

  • Lack of control.
  • It assumes you need dependencies and installs them leading to large binary size.
  • Developers don't like using it with monolithic apps because of its agile, lightweight design.
  • Hard to update legacy code, although it does provide tools to help with this.
  • Spring Boot’s built-in monitoring tools are very basis so developers need to add to these.

In conclusion, Spring Boot framework is popular because of its ability to reduce development time, allow developers to get started quickly with Java apps and avoid lengthy configuration times.

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