Salesforce: Lightning Web Components Are Now Open Source

Published: November 09, 2018Updated: June 06, 2022
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Salesforce: Lightning Web Components Are Now Open Source

Salesforce has now released Lightning Web Components (LWC) as open source. Lightning Web Components has successfully taken W3C standard web components and combined with with an HTML template system. This new move has allowed more developers to access LWC as well as freeing them up to find new ways of using the framework.

The system, based on JavaScript, now has the potential to become one of the biggest rivals to the popular React JavaScript, Angular and Vue frameworks. The open sourcing of Lightning Web Components means that developers can move above and beyond Salesforce’s Lightning platform to use the components in multiple other locations.

The open-source LWC framework was introduced in December and uses a UI framework. The code is written using JavaScript and HTML which are found natively in browsers. This has freed developers from the need to learn Aura, Salesforce’s own programming model, and all of the custom syntax it uses. It can now also be used with other tools including Babel, Webpack and Typescript.

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Service We Produce

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According to Salesforce there are 5 main benefits to the newly open-sourced Lighting Web Components:

  • Skills built using Lightning Platform can now be re-utilized and extended to other platforms.
  • Code is reusable across multiple contexts.
  • Outside contributions can be added to LWC.
  • Developers can develop a greater understanding of the code.
  • Easy to follow instructions have been provided on the project website.

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