Application Development Software

Published: February 19, 2018Updated: May 12, 2022
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Application Development Software

A new product tailored to certain requirements assists in realizing projects faster, without extra financial and labor costs.

Some software is necessary to implement these apps. The correct code provides the consistent execution of commands and solution compliance with the requirements set.

4 Types of Software Products

While developing software, the specificity of company activities and tasks assigned to the contractor are taken into account:

  • Web-apps
    Products to be downloaded and installed. Users will control their data and, if necessary, integrate them into the existing infrastructure.
  • Desktop apps
    Operating systems, cross-platform solutions and safe work programs.
  • Apps to process big data
    Apps are developed to take into account the specificity of company activities. They facilitate the work with all kinds of information, its analysis and optimization.
  • Mobile apps
    They are installed into mobile phones, smartphones, PDA and MP3 players. The constant access to data is this product advantage.

Stages of Developing Custom Application Software

Custom application software development requires a special approach to its creation, certain technical skills and time. The process consists of several stages based on the same principles:

  • quality;
  • flexibility;
  • focus on the specificity of particular company activities.

The project scale, type and requirements do not influence the general approach to the software development. The process is universal and similar in all cases: apps development for the USA, Europe or Asia.

Preparatory stage. Solving the organizational issues. A customer prepares work materials, source codes and a short written technical requirement (results they want to get due to the cooperation). The following things are arranged at this stage: a contract is signed, the terms of order and budget are determined.

  1. Project work
    It is a customer and contractor’s joint work. The former describes tasks and state the apps performance requirements. The latter offers technical solutions. The following questions are answered at this stage:

    • What to do?
    • How to do?
    • How to understand if the goal is achieved (evaluation criteria)?
  2. Design
    It is an important element of any software. The main requirements for any software are: simplicity, easy realizability, well-considered design and compliance with the company style.
  3. Coding
    It is the major work stage. It is performed by programmers.
  4. Testing.
    There are sevral steps in verifying the software obtained. Each step results are analysed and considered in further work.
  5. Documentation
    It implies making reports, legal and technical documents as well as contracts. The documentation aids in making the cooperation transparent and fast revealing any errors in case the doesn’t work properly.

Service We Produce

Aristek Systems company has been engaged in developing apps software according to world standards for over 10 years. Our team knows how to create a product and implement it into business processes.

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