BabylonJS is an indispensable framework that allows you to work with 3D-graphics. It helps perform a lot of tasks:

  • build primitives;
  • animate different objects;
  • connect physical engines;
  • apply desired textures;
  • perform importing models or shaders;
  • add shades.

To produce browser-based 3D-games, BabylonJS engine is as important as Pixi for 2D-analogues. It helps produce games both for desktop browsers and iOS, Android.

Key Points

The engine is extremely beginner-friendly. You have the opportunity to evaluate available solutions, see examples, get basic knowledge with help of video tutorials. The initial introduction is best done through a step-by-step Babylon 101 course. This is a great text resource for those who do not want to get momentary dividends but looks for fundamental knowledge. BabylonJS solutions include its own3D-scene online-editor as well as integration tools with products such as Unity, ReactJS, Blender and others.

Let’s point out the basic advantages of this engine:

  • Convenient Playground code editor. You can use it to preview and listen to the product received. The functions of editing preset code as well as writing from scratch are available.
  • Fast debugging of the code is performed by using Inspector component.
  • Sandbox online- viewer is used to study files from the hard drive.
  • BabylonJS main page contains a colorful game showcase with more than a hundred demonstrations.
  • You can easily find a lot of articles, lessons and descriptions on this engine in the public domain.
  • Over 60 presets are at your service, and they will help you generate a landscape, create the desired effect, integrate with GUI and so on.
  • New bugs are constantly appearing on specialized forums.

What Should You Pay Attention To?

The scenes created in this framework require considerable computer hardware resources. When creating complex projects, some specialized detailed documentation may be missing. Babylon JS is beginner- friendly, but its full-scale acquisition will take a lot of effort.

Some features of BabylonJS are:

  • Nine views from the camera, including touch control.
  • Four light sources are realistic, spotlight, spot, radiated everywhere.
  • Possibility of hardware scaling.
  • Separate engines for sound and animation.
  • Possibility of step-by-step scene loading.
  • LOD support.
  • Optimizing a current scene automatically.
  • Convenient debug panel.
  • The greatest opportunity for texturing images.

Thanks to Oimo.js physical engine, you can calculate 3D-physical interactions of objects. Models created in various graphical editors can be imported via popular models like 3DS Max.

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