Mobile Application for Health Tracking AristekSystems

Mobile Application for Health Tracking

Mobile Application for Health Tracking AristekSystems

Health is a cross-platform mobile application designed to collect and store the data on men’s and women’s urine flow to make urine health tracking easier. With Health there is no need for weekly hospital visits, your physician is already aboard tracking data with you and providing consultancy via doctor-patient private chat.

Duration: 2,5 months

Technologies & Tools

  • PHP Symfony
  • React Native
  • ES6
  • TypeScript
  • Redux
  • Redux-Saga
  • React Native FS
  • React Native Audio

How It Works

Take a mobile phone with you to WC and switch Health on before starting to urinate. That’s it. The application calculates urine flow & dynamics by processing the urine sound when it hits the water. The results are saved in your profile accessible from any device you like.

Health is a user-friendly app that gives you the opportunity to spot health issues at an early stage, track your progress during therapy and always be aware of your health in a comfortable home environment.

Explore Health Mobile Application Core Features

Health mobile app - Start New Measurement Screen
Health mobile app - Login Screen
Health mobile app - Welcome Screen
Health mobile app - Analysis Results List Screen
Health mobile app - Analysis Results Screen


Our team structure for Health application development


Business Analyst


UX/UI Designer


Back-end Engineers


Front-end Engineers for Mobile Apps


QA Engineer


Project Manager


We suggested to carry out this project utilizing Agile methodology and divided all the work into two-week sprints. We started this project from the so-called Discovery Phase, where our Business Analyst collected all the requirements, created technical documentation (The Software Requirements Specification) and then our technical team estimated each part of the project. Our Project Manager was in touch with our Client giving regular reports and making regular demos while developing.


We utilized our experience in creating Healthcare software solutions and skills of our mobile apps development team. All the list of features for the MVP version was realized successfully and we continue adding new features to this application according to Client’s requests.