Should We Care About Cloud Performance?

Published: October 26, 2018Updated: June 02, 2022
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Should We Care About Cloud Performance?

Although many people may think that performance issues are not part of the cloud, they still exist and need to be dealt with. It is a common misconception that when applications and data were placed on the cloud that all of the performance issues they may have had simply vanished.

However, most of these issues relate back to the applications themselves and in order to counter them the application needs to be redesigned and, often, rebuilt.

Similarly database issues are most often an issue with the database itself and it is there that the troubleshooting and redesign my take place.

It is also true that whatever cloud server you use, be that Linux or Windows, you will still have certain limitations on performance. Not surprisingly, these are similar to those experienced on-premises: Memory availability, user interface and external communication.

It is probably obvious by now that performance issues still exist and that these have to be managed even in the cloud. The available solutions are not usually easy so it is important to develop a strategy for management of cloud computing performance.

Two of the main areas of focus are:

  • Performance Metrics: Make sure you log, monitor and analyze what is happening on the cloud. There are systems that help with this and these are key to spotting trends over time and stepping in before they become a really big issue
  • DevOps: It used to be that Dev and Ops were kept far apart but these days they work together. This means that you can deal with the limitations in the system more easily because of the way DevOps works. These days you can take any performance issues to them direct and they can work on fixing the application or data. Without going back and looking at the original code the online application will continue to run based on the problems your metrics have highlighted.

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If you were under the impression that migration to the cloud would solve many of your problems this could all be a bit of a shock. However, ignoring poor performance in any application whether it be on-premise or cloud-based is only building up problems that will need to be dealt with later.

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