Python or Java — Python Is Winning the Popularity War

Published: December 04, 2018Updated: May 16, 2022
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Python or Java — Python Is Winning the Popularity War

For the very first time Python is winning the vote when it comes to popularity with developers. Rust is still the most popular coding language with 83.5% of the developer community, but Python comes in at joint second place alongside Typescript, at 73.1%, placing it ahead of Java for the first time.

JavaScript remains the most popular language however, 70% of those responding to a survey BY Stack Overflow said they used this as the primary tool, in second place was HTML/CSS with SQL and Python coming it at third and fourth place respectively.

In the same developer survey conducted by Stack Overflow it also appears that developers are becoming much more passionate about coding younger than ever before. Around 50% said that they were already writing code by the time they were 16. This is probably a positive result of having introduced coding into the school curriculum.

The profession as a whole is developing rapidly with around 41% of coders in the profession for less than 5 years, and 85% of them are self-taught. There does not appear to be any formal coding course or qualification. There is a gender shift too — more women are joining the profession. Internationally women are twice as likely to have been in the profession for under 3 years, making this a new arena for female developers.

However, developers in western Europe still appear to be pessimistic about their future in contrast to Chinese respondents who believe that improvements in technology will lead to a better lifestyle. Companies now need to focus on retention of senior developers, including those newly attracted to the profession, in order to make the industry more representative of society as a whole.

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