The Impact of AI & Machine Learning on Enterprise Mobility

Published: November 30, 2018Updated: May 30, 2022
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The Impact of AI & Machine Learning on Enterprise Mobility

Over the last few decades major advancements have taken place in technology with people living more and more in a digital word. It is known, for example, that many consumers and companies prefer to do things digitally rather than stick with traditional ways of doing things.

Around 90% of people now use Progressive Web Application (PWA) and mobile applications to undertake daily activities and tech companies have been quick to take advantage of the profits. Of course, advances are continuing and now developers are looking more and more to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning when developing apps for the modern user.

The popularity of mobile apps is due to their versatility and they are now pretty much ubiquitous. This has increased competition between app developers and the advent of AI and machine learning means that even more attention is being drawn to the app development. Mobile apps are attractive to users, but with the use of AI companies can more easily keep up with the ever-changing and competitive market.

New Features

AI and mobile learning is used to try to look at user behavior and to use that information to determine their preferences and prioritize app functions accordingly. Mobile apps can be customized and AI can ensure that resources are managed effectively. AI allows users to save battery and date on their devices by automatically entering sleep mode. Maximization of efficiency and memory has made these apps increasingly popular with users.

Chatbots Are Replacing Humans

AI powered chatbots can communicate well with clients obviating the need for enormous HR departments. AI can be used to gather and present data and chatbots are available 24/7 to talk to the client in real time. In addition the AI chatbots can communicate between systems effectively meaning that there are less issues, conversations are free from errors and security is maintained.

Data Mining/Predictive Analytics

Machine learning is being utilized to help companies analyze data and leverage it to increase their productivity by understanding the needs, wants and behavior of their customer base. AI algorithms and tools mean that user activities can be easily analyzed, described and classified precisely. Machine learning technology means that the enterprise no longer has to concern itself with managing data and battery consumption issues but instead focus on new mobile app development.

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AI in Everyday Life

Machine learning and AI is now part of digital life; almost every person with a smart phone is using one of these apps. AI enabled devices are at the forefront when it comes to students and workers in the mobile app development sector. There are a number of smart features made possible with AI that have experienced a large uptake. Those companies who have integrated AI and machine learning into their systems have been rewarded with high development and growth rates when compared to those who have yet to do so and with AI workers work more collaborative and faster than ever before, with higher rates of successful task completion.

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