Performance Monitoring Moves to Developers with Serverless Computing

Published: August 19, 2019Updated: May 16, 2022
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Performance Monitoring Moves to Developers with Serverless Computing

As more software companies appreciate that to survive they need to become digital they move more and more to microservices and serverless to maintain their competitive edge.

This means that instead of sending an app to IT, developers can directly deploy it themselves.

Instead of having a huge team of developers all working on the same project serverless allow developers to deploy code individually, with no risk of database disruption and significantly decreases the product’s time to market. If one developer causes a breakage it does not impact the deployment from others, this is a key benefit that serverless has over previous monolithic architecture.

Along with the multiple benefits of code being broken up into smaller functions, there is also the huge problem of looking at the system as a whole. To counter this monitoring and security processes are necessary and this has been addressed by using applications designed to return data which gives a global perspective on the use and functioning of the app.

Serverless May Result in Better Code

Developers are responsible for their code and deployment and they are therefore involved in monitoring its efficiency. This has led to the development of cleaner and more reliable code. and reliability. By making people accountable for the reliability and function of their code it provides them with a natural incentive to excel.

Monitoring Serverless Apps

There are strategies in place to monitor serverless apps including:

  • Performance — developers ensure the app functions correctly.
  • Security — developers monitor and address any security incidents, breaches or flaws.

With the new move towards serverlessDevOps teams gain flexibility and speed of deployment by no longer needing to rely on IT departments to deploy or maintain the system’s security.

Monitoring Serverless

With serverless, the company has no control over the infrastructure so they must employ monitoring tools. It is not possible to deploy these tools directly so developers are moving towards integrating them in the code.

Governance Is Vital

Removing the IT operations from the scenario means that there is potential for a developer to deploy code as they wish. Person management is one way to prevent unknown and unauthorized code from entering the system but with serverless this can prove more difficult and the application must be overseen by monitoring technology and has to be discoverable by monitoring tools. This is vital from both an operational and a security perspective; if the organization doesn’t know what it has deployed it cannot protect its assets.

Moving to Serverless

The first questions to be addressed is whether the company wants to move at all and if they want to use microservices or serverless. Although the two things look similar, the efficacy depends on what the company is looking for and what they are transitioning from. The main driver to move over to serverless is the speed of development and release. Serverless lends itself well to rapid testing and version control.

The need to understand which applications that work well with serverless technology cannot be understated. It is not always appropriate to use serverless and if not, microservices may be the better option. Many organizations have gone in this direction. Assessing the options means that when the transition comes it is done with the best available information.

Cost is a key factor organizationally and with in-house servers which ran continuously testing and running your app did not incur extra costs. This is not the case with serverless. If your code is not secure you could end up with a costly denial of service attack which with serverless can ramp up the financial cost significantly.

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