Development Trends in Enterprise Apps

Published: November 21, 2018Updated: May 16, 2022
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Development Trends in Enterprise Apps

Enterprise Apps development is becoming more and more vital as the business world is increasingly connected via web applications.

Here are some of the up and coming trends that it pays to be aware of:

Security is Key

Whereas in the past focus was on increasing the speed of apps or making them really user-friendly an increase in attacks and data loss has meant that security has now taken its place front and center in app development. Any company that is involved in IT must make sure their web applications are properly secure and that data protection policies are in place.

Keep The Code Low

Enterprise apps that are designed so that they need minimal by-hand coding will be faster. Low code acts to automate much of the app so that developers can focus on stand-out features to set the app apart from its competitors. By implementing low code apps developers can bypass re-implementations using a special tool set and get straight to code that is unique to their app.

These low-code setups include:

  • App life-cycle manager: This will handle all of the task-automation at each development stage. This will include building, testing, debugging and deployment.
  • Visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE): This application means that the developer can create workflows, user interfaces and data models by hand, writing code as needed.
  • Backend connectors: These will deal with all the back-end jobs including data models, storage and retrieval.

Progressive Web Applications

The advent of progressive web applications means that businesses no longer have to make the choice between ease or use and power. Native apps would offer more power but be difficult to develop and maintain because of the need for regular updates for multiple operating systems. Web apps work with all of the operating systems and are much easier to develop and maintain but don’t have the power of t heir native counterparts. Google solves this issue with Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These are able to act as both a native mobile app and individual web pages — at the same time. PWAs combine all of the latest technology to create brilliant, fast, stable and enriching experiences for users. In the business world they assist developers in working around any restrictions on devices or in app stores and enable customer to access the experience on their devices without the need to install the app.

Citizen Development

Citizen Development automates the IT processes of a business and the end-user. It works in a similar way to DevOps when it automates processes between software developers and IT. Citizen developers are the end users within a company who can use pre-approved, validated self-service development platforms to create new apps. These end users are often passionate about the business apps that they use which means that a company can rapidly develop a very proactive, productive and successful citizen development program.

AI and Enterprise Web Apps

AI (artificial intelligence) is already starting to take its place in data ordering and analysis and in dealing with end-user queries and will undoubtedly play a bigger role as the data businesses have increases in the future.

It is essential that tech leaders keep their attention on all the latest app development trends in order that their business does not get left behind.

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