The Internet of Things: What programming languages does it use? The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving and because of this it can be hard to keep track of the tools and languages it uses. In short, IoT uses all the languages that the rest of the tech world uses. Mostly. More

HTML vs HTML5 What You Need to Know Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the language used to develop websites and is the most common online language. Most developers use it to make sure that the site and all the links and media work properly when displayed on a browser. More

NFC – What it is and what you need to know Near-Field Communication or NFC is a way that data is transferred between devices. For it to work the devices have to be 4 inches or less apart. More

What is an Environmental Management System? Today one of the biggest social issues we face is how we manage waste. The effect of waste on the environment is a problem that affects all of us and exists because of our consumption of raw materials. More

What is Property Management Software and why is it needed? Property management software (PMS), also known as a hotel OS, is used within the hospitality sector to manage accommodation bookings, maintenance tasks and the company’s online profile. This article takes a look at the main functions of a good PMS. More

The Future of IoT According to Developers If you want to know about the future of any new technology it is always worth looking at what the developers are doing. Recently the Eclipse Foundation undertook a study of 1,700 IoT developers to look at their concerns and hopes for the future of the Internet of Things. More

New Trends in Emergency Communications Emergency communications have evolved and they are more important than ever. Initially these mass communication systems which include telephones, call buttons, etc., designed to help maintain public safety, were built into mass communication networks. More

NetSuite and Salesforce CRM Integration – the benefits for business NetSuite is an enterprise resource planning solution (ERP). Cloud-based, it is designed to help business develop into larger organizations by providing automated front and back-office processes. The system’s service covers an enterprise from top to toe, looking after finances, revenue, assets and more. More

Time-saving Software for Researchers Most people don’t find software that exciting but what if you are undertaking research and you really need to determine if that research is new? In order to find out a researcher must see if there is existing data out there and considering the millions of articles published every year this is a pretty daunting task. More

Own Your Own Career – A Guide for Software Developers If you are in a situation where you’ve been working as a software developer for a few years, learnt a whole plethora of new skills yet you are not progressing as far as you think you deserve then you could be suffering from a lack of control over your career. More

The Psychology of Pair Programming According to research conducted by Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg, a psychologist who also happens to be a software engineer, there are certain behaviors and skills that are great to develop if you want to be among the very best pair programmers. More

The Democratization of Software Development In the recent past the domain of software development was an exclusive operation dominated by tech staff. Now businesses and developers work together and the process is much more collaborative. More

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