Project Management: Quick Tips to Stop Budget Overrun Keeping within budget is one of the key measures of success when it comes to project management. Most companies do not have unlimited funds so controlling the budget is a key way of keeping the stakeholders happy. We have compiled 5 basic tips to help you stop the dreaded budget overrun. More

Project Management: 7 Best Mobile Apps If you’re a project manager you’ll appreciate how important having top of the range management tools to hand are to help you keep the team moving forward. However, these days you also need to keep mobile. Here are some of the best mobile apps out there to help you meet all your project management goals. More

Giving Great Customer Service Using Chatbots Chatbots are the rising star in customer services with these virtual assistants appearing all over the internet, providing a reactive, efficient customer interface. However, despite their popularity, unless the chatbot makes the customer experience more positive they won’t fulfil their potential and could end up costing you money and reputation. More

Should We Care About Cloud Performance? Although many people may think that performance issues are not part of the cloud, they still exist and need to be dealt with. It is a common misconception that when applications and data were placed on the cloud that all of the performance issues they may have had simply vanished. More

Improving Performance of ASP.Net Core Applications Speed is a key feature of ASP.Net framework so you need to make sure you maximize its performance to get the best out of your ASP.Net applications. The framework runs on Windows, Linux and Mac and allows you to build fast applications that consume minimal resources. Here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of your ASP.Net core apps. More

Serverless Apps are now supported by Next.js 8 Next.js is a JavaScript and React framework which is used for building server-rendered apps. Using JavaScript and the React UI libraries, Next.js has now added serverless capabilities in the version 8 release. More

Node.js vs PHP: A Classic Duel Between Old Friends In the past JavaScript and PHP had an easy relationship; while JavaScript dealt with all the details on the browsers, PHP was in charge of all things server-side. More

New Survey by JetBrains: Python 3 Makers of the PyCharm IDE for python have now released the results of a survey conducted to establish the tools, preferences and thoughts of over 20,000 developers worldwide. The 2018 Python Developers Survey shows that Python use is increasing with the main use being for data analysis. Other strong areas include testing, automation and web development. More

Machine Learning Assists Python Code Completion Kite – the new programming assistant that suggests code for Python based on data collected online. More

Salesforce: Lightning Web Components are now Open Source Salesforce has now released Lightning Web Components (LWC) as open source. Lightning Web Components has successfully taken W3C standard web components and combined with with an HTML template system. This new move has allowed more developers to access LWC as well as freeing them up to find new ways of using the framework. More

The Start of a New Era for Business: RPA and AI Information Technology is a key area for automation and the two fields that are currently being assessed across the business community are RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how these can be integrated into various IT processes. More

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Customer Relationship Management Systems Whatever industry, business or niche you find yourself in it is your customers that are crucial to your success. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a key way to help you identify your customer and understand what their needs are. More

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