How Cloud Computing Helps Increase Productivity With 85% of organizations worldwide using multi-cloud strategies, here are the top 10 ways that companies use the cloud to enhance the productivity of their business. More

How To get your Project Off To A Healthy Start After the first project meeting, we all think we know exactly what we are going to do, who is going to do what, and how. Unfortunately, a few days later most of us then find that everyone has different ideas. More

Performance Monitoring Moves to Developers with Serverless Computing As more software companies appreciate that to survive they need to become digital they move more and more to microservices and serverless to maintain their competitive edge. More

Why Postgres could be a great choice for your business Postgres is an open-source database management system that is designed to handle varying workloads. More

How Agile can Modernize Mainframe Apps Mainframe apps are popular in industries that require a lot of regulation but these organizations can then lose out in terms of agility. More

10 Best ways to Automate IT Security Management In the last year, more than 70% of business globally have had some kind of security breach incident and it is becoming more and more imperative that companies implement strategies to ameliorate this threat. More

Microservices – the next trending technology? Microservices are smaller applications which can be packaged and installed as separate entities, in stark contrast to the existing architecture of monolithic application. More

Great Ways to Use Augmented Reality (AR) in your business AR works by superimposing virtual overlays into the real world and this gives the user the chance to view something before it is produced or designed using an AR headset. More

Release Orchestration Tools – The Way to Digital Transformation Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, particularly in the sphere of IT. Software is still relatively slow to release and manual deployment has been highlighted as one potential cause. More

When Agile and Open Source Meet Both agile and open-source practices are becoming more common but are often seen as contradictory. However, despite their differences joining agile with open-source can bring multiple benefits. More

VR Technology – 8 Industries that Can Reap Huge Benefits VR is on the rise and can certainly make a huge difference in the way businesses operate. Here are the 8 industries which can benefit the most from embracing Virtual Reality. More

8 Steps to Happy Clients Keeping a customer happy means meeting their needs and expectations plus offering them special attention and care. More

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