Increased speed for DoneJS JavaScript framework DoneJS, version 3 has been released. This open-source tool builds real-time mobile and web based apps around the JavaScript framework. This latest version includes much faster rendering and enables real time user interfaces to be developed and run on multiple platforms. More

Development Trends in Enterprise Apps Enterprise Apps development is becoming more and more vital as the business world is increasingly connected via web applications. More

Data Safety: Four Great Ways of Keeping Sensitive Data Secure Data security has become a critical issue for businesses globally but when it comes to implementing security methods the vast choice can make the decision an overwhelming one. More

Ionic Framework evolves to include React and Vue With the latest release Ionic Framework 4.0 has evolved and will now work with other frameworks. From being an Angular-only framework Ionic can now work with React JavaScript and Vue JavaScript as well as being highly suited to working with Angular. It has now become a UI design system that can be used generally for app making and development. More

The Impact of AI and Machine learning on Enterprise Mobility Over the last few decades major advancements have taken place in technology with people living more and more in a digital word. It is known, for example, that many consumers and companies prefer to do things digitally rather than stick with traditional ways of doing things. More

Python or Java – Python is winning the popularity war For the very first time Python is winning the vote when it comes to popularity with developers. Rust is still the most popular coding language with 83.5% of the developer community, but Python comes in at joint second place alongside Typescript, at 73.1%, placing it ahead of Java for the first time. More

Continuous Integration: What is it? Continuous integration (CI) is a key approach to building designed to help program developers and coders work with an agile approach to the build process. More

Object Orientated Programming: What is it? Object-oriented programming (OOP) moves away from tradition procedural programming and uses objects, logic and data. It is one of the main tools in a programmer’s tool kit. More

DevOps: The Future of Business Unless you have been on a desert island you will have undoubtedly heard of DevOps. DevOps is a method of software development where development and operations teams are merged with the aim to shorted the time to build, update and release software and it works by continuously testing it during the build, allowing early detection of problems and a shorter time from development to market. More

5 Ways to Keep Your Development Team Competitive Alongside the global shortage in developers, competition is high, so making sure that they continue to improve is an essential part of a developer’s work life. More

Demand for Developer Talent is Exploding: What You Need to Know The boom in digital products is continuing and IT is key to modern business development. This means the pressure is on to find a skilled workforce who can ensure a company is able to keep up with the trends. More

Does your site need a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)? A SRE will work as part of the operations team and alongside writing code they make sure that IT systems function well. More

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