The Democratization of Software Development In the recent past the domain of software development was an exclusive operation dominated by tech staff. Now businesses and developers work together and the process is much more collaborative. More

Mobile App Development – The Hidden Costs If you have reached the point of developing and launching a new mobile app you will need to think about development costs. If you have looked into this at all you will have noticed that you could end up paying anything between $15-$500,000 to get the first version on the market. So how do you move forward? More

Why you need a point of sale system (POS) A good point of sale (POS) system is essential for retail and restaurant businesses. Cash sales are getting rarer with around 95% being conducted via a POS system. A good POS system can make sure that you manage inventory, customers, helps track purchases and makes life easier for your employees. More

No more multiple UI Designs following release of open source software Developing multiple user interfaces in order to accommodate the many different screens and orientations is a thing of the past following the development of an open-source software. More

Using NetSuite for eCommerce For those running an eCommerce operation, NetSuite provides a state of the art business suite where all of the key processes are fully integrated into one system. The service is based online and can be used for a variety of functions. More

What is Robotic Process Automation Software and how do you choose the best for Your Business RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is where robots work as virtual assistants and take care of tedious minor tasks like data manipulation and transaction communicating. It is increasingly the case that business wants to offload the more time consuming but necessary tasks to robots and AI. More

Preventing API Attacks Most companies use an Application Programming Interface (API) in order for software systems to access data. However, API security is becoming a major issue in business because of the increase in malicious API attacks. More

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway for Online Sales Online sales need to be paid for just as they are in a normal store. In the real world a customer pays using a device in store using a card, app or cash, similarly, there has to be a way for the online shopper to pay for goods and this is achieved by using a payment gateway. More

Small Business – Making Communication Channels Work There are multiple ways in which a small business can connect with customers but in order to be effective the message, audience and the required results must be considered before selecting the communication method. More

Choosing an Outsourced Software Development Provider – the 5 Main categories of Providers Outsourcing software development is a must for SMBs and start-ups who often lack in-house expertise and the resources to hire permanent development staff. They prefer to outsource software development because of the experience and expertise available and the financial benefits it gives. More

The Principles and Practices of DevOps – Why are they important? DevOps aims to reduce time and complications when developing, deploying and maintaining software systems. It is a relatively modern trend within IT where the teams involved with operations and development merge and work together towards a common goal. More

Benefits of Loan Management Software Modern mortgage companies and lenders know that loan software is an essential part of their business. Without it a business can quickly being to lag behind. More

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