Outsourcing IT? How to Stay In Control The benefits of outsourcing are wide-reaching but it can be a concern that loss of control could have a negative impact on the business and its relationship with the customer. More

Spam: How You Can Fight It Spam is a real nuisance for anyone with a website and while it used to be that spam would only affect the big websites, nowadays it targets any website regardless of size. More

Successful Companies That Outsourced Some of Their Development Although cutting costs is one reason for outsourcing software development, many companies also recognize that these providers can be used to boost innovation within their own business. More

Industry 4.0: What It Is and How Outsourcing Plays a Key Role in Manufacturing Industry 4.0 is history’s fourth industrial revolution – the technological revolution. Smart factories are evolving and will change the face of manufacturing with the use of machines that can communicate with each other to hike productivity and need less human intervention than ever before. More

Why Businesses Should Care About Decentralized Apps (dapps) What are decentralized apps? To be considered a decentralized app or dapp it must meet a set of criteria. More

ITaaS – IT as a Service. Why is it so popular? More and more companies are moving towards ITaaS where IT services are provided by an outside business rather than in-house. The organization can choose from a range of services, agree a price and have access to an agile IT supply company making it able to shift according to business needs. More

Why Partner with Your Outsourcing Provider? Many companies are looking towards outsourced teams when they need specific skills or extra capacity. Around 57% of those outsourcing do so to free themselves up to focus on their business and around 28% use it to access skills they don’t have in-house. More

Chatbot Software Outsourcing Trends Businesses are looking to chatbots more and more as they seek better customer experience and it seems that customers are also more accepting of them as a way of communication. By 2025 it is anticipated that the global revenue for chatbots will reach US$1.23billion. More

AI Myths and Job Security: Will Robots Take Our Jobs? There is a view that AI is leading us to a dystopian future, that it will eventually lead to the end of the human race. Even world renown scientists like Stephen Hawking express concern over what the future may bring. Let’s look at some of the myths that surrounds AI and ask if we should really be worried. More

Cybersecurity: The Role of Outsourcing The threat of large scale security breaches means that cybersecurity is becoming increasingly vital. Making sure a company stays on top of all the changing cybersecurity needs and challenges is a huge task, placing a strain on the resources of an organization. More

Five Good Reasons for Outsourcing User Experience (UX) Design UX Design is about making the user experience as meaningful and valuable as possible and is more and more becoming key to marketplace success. Many companies have in-house UX Design teams but more and more are choosing to outsource to gain access to expert knowledge and experience. More

Boosting Your Software Development Project: Hire a Developer Engineer in Test Having a software engineer in test is one of the major boosts in project development and is essential, particularly for large projects. Their ability to write code and assess for bugs and errors is vital for saving time, money and reducing stress in software development. In addition, your reputation is protected by ensuring that only high quality products get to the marketplace. More

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