How AI Helps Illuminate the Dark Web The public face of the internet where we log in daily to check emails, social media and news items exists alongside the so-called ‘dark web’. Here you find the anonymous sites, password-protected areas that are a host to criminals who use it to sell drugs, guns and sometimes people. More

Online Reservation Systems – 10 Key Features Online reservation systems are a key part of the travel and tourism industry. In this competitive sector there are hundreds of choices available and users are demanding better experience and function all the time. More

Choosing an API Management Platform It is imperative that software systems can interact easily and securely and to provide this it is often the case that a good API management tool can make all the difference. These API Management platforms will help a company create, analyze and publish web APIs. An essential element is that integration takes place correctly in order for an organization to be able to take advantage of rapid industry changes. More

What is FinTech and How did it Become a Global Trend? FinTech – Financial Technology – began back in the 1950s with the first ATMs and credit cards and has continued to grow to the point where today it includes mobile technology, online financials and cryptocurrencies. More

Male Aged Doctor Instructing Male Intern & Sharing Info on Desktop Screen. Healthcare Software Solutions by Aristek Systems.
The Medtech Outsourcing Market Is Growing Over the last few years the field of medical technology field has grown significantly and outsourcing in the medical sector has expanded in response. In fact, the industry is set to reach a market value of around $800billion in 2030. More

Pills Scattered on the Keyboard. Pharmaceutical Industry Software Solutions by Aristek Systems Soft Development Company.
Software Outsourcing for the Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry faces a number of challenges. There is public concerns about rising drug costs, and increasing regulation on drug testing and trials alongside the need to maintain high standards of safety. More

Property Tech: The Future of Real Estate The process of buying/selling real estate has remain largely unchanged but recently the industry has started to look at new, innovative ways of doing things. It is a large industry which lends itself well to lots of opportunities to remove any unnecessary processes and embracing new methods of working. More

IT Staff Augmentation vs Delivery Teams – the Pros and Cons One of the key tools for managers looking for amazing software production, alongside boosting their company’s capability, is software outsourcing. The two most popular models are autonomous delivery teams and staff augmentation – in this article we look at the pros and cons of each one. More

Boosting Your Software Development Project: Hire a Developer Engineer in Test Having a software engineer in test is one of the major boosts in project development and is essential, particularly for large projects. Their ability to write code and assess for bugs and errors is vital for saving time, money and reducing stress in software development. In addition, your reputation is protected by ensuring that only high quality products get to the marketplace. More

Five Good Reasons for Outsourcing User Experience (UX) Design UX Design is about making the user experience as meaningful and valuable as possible and is more and more becoming key to marketplace success. Many companies have in-house UX Design teams but more and more are choosing to outsource to gain access to expert knowledge and experience. More

Cybersecurity: The Role of Outsourcing The threat of large scale security breaches means that cybersecurity is becoming increasingly vital. Making sure a company stays on top of all the changing cybersecurity needs and challenges is a huge task, placing a strain on the resources of an organization. More

AI Myths and Job Security: Will Robots Take Our Jobs? There is a view that AI is leading us to a dystopian future, that it will eventually lead to the end of the human race. Even world renown scientists like Stephen Hawking express concern over what the future may bring. Let’s look at some of the myths that surrounds AI and ask if we should really be worried. More

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